Send Flowers to Russia

Send flowers to Russia

In Russia, flower delivery to the beloved ones can sometimes be accomplished in some intriguing way.

When you ready to waste more on your flowers and be sure they would be there in such manner your girl would never forget you can call those guys.

What’s so unique with that? Inside there is the answer what they do.

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27 thoughts on “Send Flowers to Russia”

  1. how romantic, perhaps the dude in the yellow jacket could contact me? (he was quite cute)

    however he needs to realise this is stalking in Australia

  2. Remarkable. Now I understand what this person was doing outside my window. I thought THIEF!! and knocked him away. He fell down on neighbours car, I have been working 4 weeks to repay damage. Person is invalid now. Sorry.

  3. In 3 days time there will have dried weeds taped to outside of window. While performing this special treat, man also took liberty to view lady in flat above. WEWEWE!

  4. a friend of mine tried to surprise his girlfriend in the same way. without necessary safety wire or something else that could save him. so nothing did save hime.
    these guys seem to like their job. i find it wonderful when people enjoy doing their job :>

  5. Is it possible for you to (or somebody else) help me to find where is the cheapest place on the internet to order flowers? All companies I have discovered are too expensive for me.

  6. I always say that im have a litle jewish blood in me, not true.
    Want to be just as smart as them:( But i am smart so that means that i have jew relatives, ha:D


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