17 thoughts on “Moscow Refinery”

    • Maybe the white inner cord, but i think that “fluffy stuff” is some sort of glass or stone whool, that cames in many qualityes and som of them are made for high temperatur isloation. Beside that Asbestos are actually not dangerous if one dont trash it and inhalate the loose fibres. If in old instalations it´s actually often much better to leave it fixed there than try to remove it without proper protection.

  1. Imagine the cost to build this. A kilometer of new ringroad around Moscow costs 148 million Euro to build [6 million in other countries like UK or Germany] because of corruption. Imagine the expense here!!!!!

  2. Asbestos is one hell of a health hazard that is why we have removed all asbestos based insulation in our homes.,`’

  3. Appears to be clean and efficient plant. However, no Russian workers drinking and playing with dominos, so this must be Photo-shopped.

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