Crop Circles: Solved

Russian crop circles

While the rest of the world is trying to solve the crop circles mystery one Russian gal has got an exact solution to this phenomena, at least to her local version that left marks on the green field where she lives.

The reason why is she hundred percent sure about it is because they have left an evidence and the tool. Next photo tells it all.

Russian crop circles 2

15 thoughts on “Crop Circles: Solved”

  1. Pah, that’s not true. They use a plank with rope handles and plenty of time in late/early hours before sunrise. Just step down on the plank and it breaks the stems of the crops and continue until it is done.

  2. What a ridiculously stupid joke. And for the commenter who believes these are all done with rope and a plank, do some research! The plants within have been tested scientifically and this is NOT the case ATvALL. Yes, there were a few morons with ropes and planks that made a few simple crop circles in England. But that’s far from the whole story.

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