Best Man’s Friends

Russian dogs

Dogs are known to be best man’s friends. That’s true many of us know how helpful and friendly a dog can be, what a big delight when the dog meets at doorstep when you come home from work etc.

But how would you call dogs that were rejected by their owners and sent to a place like this – Russian dog’s shelter for staying alone and medical experiments?

Russian dogs 1

Russian dogs 2

Russian dogs 3

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46 thoughts on “Best Man’s Friends”

      • I bet Miss India is not an Indian. Indians dont bash at russians, we love russia. I am sure she is pakistani trying to portray as indian to create problems. I have seen her at other posts as well trying to do the same thing. Long live Russia.


    • OMG Russians are soo poor they cant even care for their dogs, then again there are millions of starving russians not to talk of rusian dogs. I feel sorry for the poor dogs and the poor people of Russia 🙁

  1. Is that guy wearing camo so the dogs can’t see him?

    I’m guessing most surgical operations end in infection, not so clean looking.

  2. Dog pounds are terrible all over the world.
    I don’t think that medical experiments would be depicted above: maybe it’s only the routine neutering process.

  3. Sad Babies. Yes, it looks like they are neutering them. The people are playing with them and trying to care for them. Some places in the World aren’t as humane.

    I have seen Portuguese Police shoot stray dogs not caring if they didn’t kill them instantly, leaving some crying in pain while they bled to death. I’m not certain if that’s what they do all over Portugal.

    Cruel mentally ill people live all over the World just as do the irresponsible ones.

  4. Dis is vhat you ghet for speak the policia. If the dug speak, he get vhat is for heem. Eeeff dis dug sniffe my penile, the first I am happy, and after I am same the David Letterman. Wife, dog, sister, aunti, is all same of English Russia. But is a cheep date, no?

  5. “Gladly eat meat on your sandwich (Yes i do) but almost die when they see a dead dog or cat”

    That is because sheep (and cows, chickens etc.) are bred purely for food and would not exist if we hadn’t domesticated them. Dogs and cats are pets which is why we are more sad when they are kept in these conditions.

  6. Shame to see the animals living in such dirty, spartan conditions. But at least the people working there seem to care, and are making sure they neuter them, so that there’s less strays in future. You don’t see that in a lot of places.

  7. This is the most disturbing post I have seen on this site. But I’m not like at least one other poster, who acts like Russia is unusual this way. Everywhere in the States regardless of per-capita income in a given area we have puppy mills that make everybody sick, even hardened cops, when they are found out. The only big difference is that such treatment is illegal; but there’s no way to catch up with all the mistreaters, and Americans will always want certain breeds so badly that it will just continue.

  8. I truly hope that someday the horrible, sick minded, arrogant, twisted freaks of nature that are committing these disgusting acts of utter cruelty and torture to these helpless babies burn in the most wretched bowels of fecal infested HELL that they put the poor innocent animals through! May God have mercy on them.

  9. svolo4i , kak oni mogut izdevatsa nad zivotnimi ,
    razve nelza bilo poprosit pomow v internete u ludei dla togo 4tob ludi prinosili hotabi ne nuznie ot svoih starih petomcev krovati , poduwki , miski ,igruwki !
    eti ludi 4to v derevne zivut?u nih nety interneta? sosedij ?
    kak mozno , ja porozajus kakoi holodnij stal Russkij narod !
    pozor Rossija , kak ewo Putin i Medvedev mogut kor4et iz seba horowih prezidentov ! ni4erta ne zdelali !

  10. I’m russian and i am totally against this, this is not the country im used to at all i dont like it so please if you want to help stop this leave a comment saying and maybe somebody will do something but i will start :STOP ANIMAL CRUELITY!!!!!:


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