Bald Pets — Cats and Rats


Earth People, we came with peace to you (PURRRRomise…)! Friday is almost Halloween, and there are some alien guests who would like to join us for this holiday…If you want to see what is truly wonderful pet unlike any other available, look nofurther, here is something really weird, that you will definitely love. Cats like this one, on the pictures below, cause many different reactions from shock to amazement.Sphynx are a very social breed of cat. Their unusual appearance is most intriguing. Their wrinkled, naked seemingly hairless bodies capture everyone’s attention. They have an abundance of energy and mischief and are always with you, on you or showing off for you.The Sphynx are extremely inquisitive and love to be the center of attention. They prefer human attention but enjoy the company of dogs, other cats and as you can see from these pictures, bald rats!

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Another Reality: the Forgotten World


Times of the Soviet Union passed long ago, but it left some things behind. This is a story of the forgotten world and all of its tricky and unearthly makings which keep standing still and untouched around the whole land of already new country. The spots described in this article are not the places where people usually hang out… at least most of them.

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Casino Flight

Russian plane crashed

As we mentioned before sometime ago all casinos were banned in Russia except some special zones located far from civilization and no actual casinos were yet built there.

People doubted about those special zones rationality cause its much easier to take a flight to some nearby country than to this zone.

So apparently such flights appeared and on of the shortest routes were to Belarus – just an hour flight from Moscow. One of such flights which took a group of vip players to the grand opening of new casino crashed right near the Minsk airport few hundred meters away from destination point.

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Nice Watches

Russian politicians watches

One Russian newspaper has published the photos of Russian politicians and top governmental dudes with the wrist watches visible on their hands and found all those watches in shops so put this info together with the pics giving the exact price (without tax and custom fees) in the captions.

Those don’t require translations. It’s easy to understand them – most of the prices are in Swiss Franks (CHF) which is almost like dollar now (1 CHF = $0.99). Also there are prices in Russian currency “руб.”, thirty of such equals roughly one dollar. And there are prices in dollars too.

The names of the guys are probably insignificant cause you probably don’t know them, probably except Mr. Kadirov, leader of Chechnya, he is almost the leader in this list too. His watches are priced almost $300,000. Three hundred grands on his wrist.

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London, 1970

London 1970

Maybe that’s a bit less known fact, but in Soviet Union citizens couldn’t go abroad. The iron curtain had been working two way – not letting stuff and information in and not letting anyone out.

In fact the abroad travel had existed still but only for the best of the best comrades. The controlling authorities, like KGB wanted to be hundred percent sure that the lucky visitor of the foreign state would:
a) get back and won’t ask for a shelter abroad;
b) would behave himself really well – won’t drink all that capitalistic whiskey all night long with strange people like hookers;
c) won’t be seduced by foreign secret services and turned into a spy overnight;
d) won’t buy different banned stuff like porn and jeans and then won’t smuggle it back home and sell it to friends;
e) and finally they needed those who won’t spread stories of admiration of capitalistic style of life upon arrival, but on contrary expected people would tell anyone that life abroad, frankly speaking sucks a lot.

Also, the trips abroad were divided into two categories. First category included the socialistic countries with friendly regimes like Eastern Europe or Cuba. It is strange but even those countries were forbidden for a free visit of a “free” Soviet guy, though it was much easier to get there if compared to a trip to any country of a second category – the capitalistic hell like USA or England. In order to get a chance of such visit one could submit a claim expressing his will to pay a visit to Socialistic neighbour. Then such claims were thoroughly studied by many organizations starting from local police, then a place of work had to make a proclamation then it was escalated to KGB which could approve it or reject it.

But there were no such way to get in London except to a few categories of highly trusted people, one of such were pilots of “Aeroflot” the only Soviet Russian air flights company.

Those pilots who were able to reach forbidden places were considered to be just white bone blue blood amongst their fellows. And there were plenty of reasons why. They could BE THERE and could BRING STUFF from there.

And those are the photos of one of such elite pilots having luck to visit the places that 99.9999% of other Soviet people couldn’t reach ever. London back in 1970s looked different, but it looked totally different for Russian people at all – not anything they had a chance to see at their Motherland.

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A Line a-la in Post Soviet Reconstruction Times


This big line is not for kielbasa but for tax inspectorate № 46 in Moscow. The term of enterprise rewrite is finishing at the end of 2009 and people started to worry about that at the last minute.

Hell № 46.

For the many millions of people in Moscow somebody really mean decided to direct all these people to one place- in this city the registration of legal entities, individual entrepreneurs and farms is made only in Inter-district inspection of Federal tax service № 46.

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Some Strange Performance

Russian strange street performance

Russian street art is sometimes strange, though they say this was a foreign performer came specially to Moscow to make this show and scare passers by.

They made this looking-like-human dolls of some artificial material and then dressed some into realistic clothing others were left as is and then they were spread around the city or some were placed in the river, others were carried around the city in the manner friends carry their drunk buddies.

Some people from the streets looked puzzled, some tried to pretend they are not looking etc. Anyways, it was kind of fun for the dull street life.

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