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    • Of course, the Canadians in the north have similar climate and could have the same resilience, except they have become spoiled from government taking care of their every need and tolerating their every perverted urge. They are like the child, waiting for “mother” to pick them up, dust them off, feed them, and take them home to a nice warm bed. They will be an easy target, and that is one reason we have so many agents and cells operating successfully there.

      • oh and btw, love your housing! http://englishrussia.com/?p=5221 good thing you have all the “cells and agents” operating here, maybe you can “spy” some good lumber for a proper house?

        • Of course cells and agents are happy to be in Canada. What happened to great Commie society! It went kaputski. Now, all we hear are the rants of former glory. Russia is the greatest waste of real estate on the planet, worse than Washington DC. You should be made to give back all you stole i.e. Kalingrad, what a waste. If only the Germans had been nice. I never meet a Canadian on welfare, ever.

  1. Amazing pictures.
    Reminds me of an scientic expedition long time ago when northern coutry scientists (including many from my home country) teamed up with russian scientists to explore the arctic seas and islands. The expedition used the ice breaker named “Academic Fjodor” (i don´t knew the correct translation to western language). Thats was truly amazing to vatch when i was a kid and dreamed of being a real scientist.

  2. It is too bad some ass hole scared away Taupey,that girl was cool.Just because she was commenting with people on this site.Isnt that what this site is all about!!

  3. Waste of valueable internet space.

    Why not have a good pictorial about Astrakhan. We have more unpaved roads, alcoholics and unemployment than most Russian cities!! Action-movie-like events happen on the street every day!! Domestic violence! Omon violence!! Drug addicts !! All combined in one glorious evnt, every day, over and over.

    • Kirov: That’s a nice invitation & after we can go into Kazakhstan and say a nice hello to Borat’s sister. From what I’ve heard she fell down some ranks on the prostitute list (Maybe down to #9)

      Also my doctor said my kidney’s are healthy enough for a season of OMON abuse, but not drinking 🙁

  4. Pic 17 you can see the depression the ship makes in the water, never seen a ship create that before.

    I could take a gander and guess that these are the heaviest ships out there.

  5. The topmost pictures are of a Swedish expedition with the one of the icebreaker ODEN and a leased Russian vessel (I dont know cyrillic) hence the flag.

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