Russian Movies: the Museum

Russian mosfilm museum

“Mosfilm” – the composite word made of two Russian words – Moscow and Film – which don’t need translation to be understood. Such name was bearing the most popular Soviet movie production company. At that times there were not much of those, and all we controlled by the state and belonged to the state. Soviet bosses allowed big cities to have their own movie studies so they were often having the name of the city/region in its name, that was a tradition. Besides Mosfilm there were Lenfilm – for Leningrad, Armianfilm for Armenia and etc.

The Mosfilm one was one of the most “rich” studios because it was in Moscow where all the necessary Soviet links were connected. So most of the Soviet movie classics come from it. Now it’s a fully operating studio too and the owners has opened the museum inside where they collected stuff from old Soviet movies.

Russian mosfilm museum 2

Russian mosfilm museum 3

Russian mosfilm museum 4

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  1. It is too bad some ass hole scared away Taupey,that girl was cool.Just because she was commenting with people on this site.Isnt that what this site is all about!!

  2. reminds me of the Old MGM back lot.

    What would be cool, but isn’t there I am sure, is the set from my favorite movie” C Luyokim Parom. They only made one of that kind of movie.

    Incedently, I was told that the female lead couldn’t actually speak russian, they had Alla Pugachova read her lines, and she just lip synced. One of the really weird stores that float around.

  3. Looks like a GAZ Poebda, a Tatra 603 (from Czechoslovakia), A GAZ Volga, and a Mercedes of the 1930’s. Of them, the Mercedes is the one I find least interesting.

  4. They seem to have been equipped very good, the mannequin heads shown in one of the pictures are relatively high quality indeed.

  5. From Mosfilm studios, there was an excellent Akira Kurosawa movie called Dersu Uzala. Top-shelf movie that ER readers should check out.

    You can even watch it for free as somebody uploaded it in its entirety on the Youtubes.

    Start here:

  6. Moving is a perfect time to eliminate these extra junk that we’ce accumulated over the years. We’ll be donating a lot to Goodwill and hopefully get a decent tax deduction for 2010.


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