The Story of the One House

Russian house

This letter was sent by the dwellers of this house to the local newspaper of some Russian town.

“Dear Sirs,

We are writing to your newspaper to inform about the situation taking place with the building in which we live. Since 2007 we pay higher fees for the communal services, but instead of getting better service and/or getting our problems fixed we are getting it even worse now.

…then there comes a big list of the problems they are having, but it’s better to see that on the photos together with some more excerpts from the letter.

Russian house 2

Russian house 3

“…a few months ago some workers came and started repairing the floors. They removed the old planks and then the works stopped and workers disappeared. Then after a few weeks they got back with some planks that were clearly taken from the benches nearby.”

Russian house 4

“…in the river nearby there are corpses of dogs and cats floating for weeks.”

Russian house 5

“…we had an icicle above the entrance, that was a big one, and each time it was falling down it tore the electricity wires.”

Russian house 6

Russian house 7

Russian house 8

Russian house 9

Russian house 10

Russian house 11

Russian house 12

Russian house 13

Russian house 14

Russian house 15

Russian house 16

“…We tried to contact local authorities, but we, elder people can’t get over those young insolent cavemen!”.

27 thoughts on “The Story of the One House”

  1. Looks like Astrakhan dwelling. Same story here as well. Better to demolish building and rebuild. Russia as a whole needs maintenance!!!!! Crumbling, because of corruption and short term vision!!!!

  2. Old peoples wish for wood on floor… They wish for paint on wall… They wish for electrisity on light bulb….

    Wa Wa Wa.

    I have these items but I work wery hard. Modern luxury do not fall from sky like rain. My adwise is to get good job like me. If you no ability with goats, you may step on grapes or become prostitute. Then all worries over!!!!

  3. That building is abandoned, there is no one living there. How many more abandoned buildings are they writing letters about to get free building materials? And how many false identities are they using to commit fraud and get false pension checks? :oD

    If the river has many dead dogs and cats, it sounds like they have plenty to eat without cheating.

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  6. Why are people so unserious? It’s not easy to live in Russia, people are poor or do not have that much money, so it isn’t so easy to just move… Maybe the girl don’t have a better place to live in that area? I feel so sorry for them, and all of it is because the communism… Many people are getting more poor for everyday, and the government won’t change…


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