21 thoughts on “AK-47 Lane”

    • I don’t think there would be anything illegal about shipping magazines stateside to be sold. Guns are heavily regulated regarding importation, but foreign gun parts are imported all the time. He either didn’t think to sell them or doesn’t want to bother with it.

      Also, has anyone noticed the apparent lack of followers? Some of the mags just looks like hollow bakelite tubes with the feeding system removed.

  1. Those are 30 round bakelite mags, they would go for less than $30 each here in the states. Though you can get surplus (used) Romanian and Yugoslavian metal mags for as low as $10 each in most cases. I picked up some brand new Korean mags for $10 each a few months ago.

    There are billions of AK mags around the world, these don even come close to hurting the supply.

  2. Those are empty magazines in the images not guns… There is not one AK-47 to be seen anywhere. This article is misleading and retarded.


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