Various Finds

Life in Russia

Today we are having some various finds from Russian blogs recently. Like this brown fish none could

identify for sure what it was.

Life in Russia

Looks bit scary.

Then speaking about scary things, one Russian designers offers to make modifications

to the cigarette packs in order to warn people how much tar and nicotine their pack has at the moment

Life in Russia

Though I am not sure if it really can scare anybody nowadays.

Life in Russia 2

In Russia there are a lot of conglomerates of private parking lots – each participant has

a cell with doors in those and can enjoy personal freedom from wife and family together with his car

some hundred meters away of his place of residence. It’s a kind of tradition for some men having such

parking spaces nearby to group in the evenings and discuss stuff, drink beer etc. Then this guy tried to

show how fast is his Chrysler really is.

Life in Russia 5

Then he probably forgot that the breaks are of big importance too.

You see those numbers on the doors – there are really lot of those parking

cells around the residential districts in Russia, counted in thousands and tens of thousands.

Life in Russia 6

Life in Russia 7

Then those come for someone else who probably knows where the breaks are:

Life in Russia 8

Then those nice cars go to someone else. Moscow residents don’t surprise seeing often big delievery trucks

filled with some of those. They say the drivers are being commanded not to stop by any means, especially when not in Moscow.

Life in Russia 9

Then this guy has also such a “garage” parking, but not in a city, it is somewhere in countryside.

He decided to camouflage his private parking space in order not to attract village thieves for his new car.

He painted bricks on the doors so it looks like a wall from a distance.

Life in Russia 3

But what he forgot to do is to delete all the grass around.

Now there are tracks revealing his secret to anyone. Tracks going to plane wall? No!

Life in Russia 4

Life in Russia 4
This concrete robot comes back from Soviet times.

He was erected by the workers of the factory producing concrete slabs for construction of Soviet architecture.

Seems that they had a lot of free time at that times too.

Life in Russia 4

Life in Russia 4

Somewhere lost in Ural, in a small village they have another symbol of that times.

It reads like Soyuz-Appolo mission, though it doesn’t precisely depict the actual spaceships.

Life in Russia 4

Any guesses what it is used for?

Life in Russia 4
Well, it’s a toilet now.

Life in Russia 4
No respect for the glorious past!

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  1. Yes, the text on the cigarettes is in Czech and it reads:
    Ministry of Health Warning:
    Wisdom and passion cannot be in opposition forever.


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