40 thoughts on “Let It Be, Comrade!”

  1. Give the guy a break, he’s not from England! His Russian accent would be inevitable. I thought he did very well considering he probably never speaks English.

  2. Ever heard the song-name ‘Shizgari’ ? Most popular pop song from the west in ’70s Soviet Russia. Russians did not understand English so they phonetically interpreted the chorus “She’s got it, yeah baby, she’s got it” as “Shizgari, yep baby shizgari”… talking about heavy accents… 🙂

  3. The staging reminds me of the Red Army Choir way of presenting. His accent is not bad. I have never liked Beatles songs by choirs. The ladies are as always great.

  4. of course he’s drunk.he’s russian.russian=drunk.can’t understand one word.i’m a ukrainian born in america so i know the music and all that and i can say right now russians should stick to their usual pop songs which i fall asleep listening to when my parents start playing that boring music.(i listen to slipknot and other heavy metal bands so that makes a lot of sense.)

  5. yes, we still walk with bears along the streets, drink vodka all day long, always wear fur cap with ear flaps and sing like this! haha

  6. hey just passed by consedince while searching for a song in some blogs 🙂 anyway nice blog gotta check it out hope you accept me as a follower and a friend blogger. thanks ^^

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