A Grande Wedding

You probably think you’ve seen big wedding corteges or celebrations,
but for sure those you’ve seen can’t compare with modern Chechn wedding
celebrations. Like this one on the video above.

A few police support cars are the must, as well as shooting in the air – that’s a tradition.

And of course if its in Moscow it’s even more fun.

sent by Evgeny

35 thoughts on “A Grande Wedding”

  1. People and habits like these are the reason the world still thinks of Russia as ‘Nigeria with snow’. No brains, no ambition, showing off as a goal and ‘big’ only because they manage to make others small. Pathetic.

    • Couldn’t have said it better myself!

      I think this is the modern side of Russia. Was it like this before? Not in my memory. It’s the result of communist mindset learning about capitalism, money and materialism. It’s like a flu of the whole country, it has to pass with time to get better.

  2. That`s how money of us, russian tax bearers spending by chechen mobsters and thiefs. Thank Putin for that. He is their dearest friend.
    Just look at cortage, only luxury SUVs and BMW 5 series etc.
    I don`t give a damn if they shootin in his republic – Chechnya, but they doin` it in Moscow. How about it? What do Moscow police thinking about it?
    And please, don`t think like that about all russians.
    These mobs shame our country.

    • Sorry, but you have to deal with that. Whether you like it or not. And I’m afraid it’s going to be worse and worse. You sent tanks and bombers to their cities, now they coming to your cities. You tried so much to convince the west, that Chechnya is part of Russia, and war there is Russia’s internal affair. No saying completely the opposite. How pathetic ))))

      • My dear friend, i had never deal with that .)))
        So i can repeat one more time that whole that war between federals and chechen separatists is a question of political influence in Chechnya. Do u think our government ask us about “want do we to fight with chechens or not”? Of course not.
        Our prime-minister, mr. P pays to Chechen president from Russian budget the large sums for chechen loyalty displays.
        How do u think they could buy so many luxury rides???
        U could defame the Russia and Russians as much as u want, but u gotta know that russians were always the most oppressed people in the country.

        • If Russians are oppressed, in general it is only because they couldn’t find someone to oppress themselves. They are as imperialistic as the west. Eastern Europe is still suffering from their heritage.

  3. Looks more like a terrorist attack than a wedding.

    This is a generation of people who squander their wealth on silly trinkets. They could have taken all that money and put it into things to make their future more secure: investment properties; educations for their children; retirement funds etc.

    But they’d rather spend it all on black SUV’s, gold chains and shiny italian shoes – things you can really depend on in hard times. Enjoy!

  4. It’s gangstaland, biatches, what you’d expect?

    ps: you can clearly see who the underdogs are – they’re the ones driving russian cars NOT in black.

    • Well, its a common chechen “tradition” to kidnap&rape the bride before wedding. It’s considered ok/fun, family / quality time spent with the bride. Nobody asks the bride what is her opinion about it before the process takes place.

      These chechen muslims are savages, their women and children are the victims of the big-ego macho mujahadeens in every corner of their habitat.

    • In chechnya it is ok and NORMAL tradition to take hostages for ransom or simply KILL the non-muslims, non-chechens.

      The brides are often get kidnapped from their home before the wedding, it’s again a NORMAL FAMILY tradition. I am dead serious about this. Usually, she gets raped by the whole man clan of the future husband. Do you get it ? It is OK for chechens to be violent against anybody they dislike or disrespect. But iit is also true for the whole Caucasian region. They are NOT humans like you and me, they are simply primitive mountain creatures like birds or rodents

  5. most of our chechen luxury cars are stolen in Moscow from wealthy russian jews. So we are actually doing a good job for ethnic russians.

  6. hey, crocodil gena you jew.

    We chechens are not such a stinky and greedy folk like you jews. At least we don’t rip-off russia with billions and then hide in Israel or London. We chechens live in Russia and russian girls like us a lot 😉 Jews are ugly

  7. Never met people as crazy as the Chechens. THey must be very light in the head because of too much oxygen in their mountain air.

  8. UHHH… That H2 is REALLY awful! H1 has it’s balls, but H2.. just toy of druck dealers.
    Nice song. Who might she be? Chechen girl Fatima Turpulhanova is so hot singer!! 🙂


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