A Wedding Present

Russian wedding

Sometimes when one is invited to a wedding but he/she doesn’t have any money for a present but still in mood to present something “heavy” then this is the idea.

Traditionally, in Russia newly married couple waits for something useful as a wedding present. Often this means they wait money or something that is hundred percent needed in the future household, like a washing machine or TV set.

This time the present was really heavy, but people afraid that the newly married won’t get it.

Russian wedding 2

Russian wedding 3

Russian wedding 4

Russian wedding 5

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Russian wedding 7

Russian wedding 8

21 thoughts on “A Wedding Present”

    • 1. “Dear Lena and Sergei, we congratulate you from the bottom of our hearts with this very important day in your life – your wedding!”

      2. “First brick in the foundation of your family happiness.”

      3. “For the foundation of your own place in the society.”

  1. Well, without some sort of translation, all I can guess is you gave them a…. brick. Wow. I wish I had a brick. But that one was even painted!! Much better than a plain old red brick.

    Big whoop. I can buy ’em by the truck load.

    So, as they say, something got lost in the translation.

    Is IS a nice looking brick though…..:-)

  2. Um, I don’t know if this site is purposely doing it, to be cutesy perhaps, but the poor English is distracting at best, and incomprehensible at worst. It’s a shame for such a nice place.

    • I think most or all the people who post are from Russia themselves, so English isn’t their native language. Instead of Engrish, or Spanglish, it’s Rusklish.

    • I find no problem with the poor English, I see worse English from American’s posts every day. I would like to see translations because even though I have learned to transliterate Cyrillic I still can’t read most of the words (am amazed at how many I can though).


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