The Unknown Russian Comics Books

Russian comics book

Recently, a few series of previously unknown Soviet Russian comics books came to the daylight.

Here are the covers of some of them.

The first one is “Chekists” or if to translate it something like “Special Security Agents”. “…In 1918 the new Special Agents comics series appeared and gained huge popularity. The violence level increased with each next edition, and eventually every page had scenes of murders in it.”

Russian comics book 2

“..Just a few years later, in 1922 a new comics was even more popular. It was telling stories about the life of young TroTro. The last series took place in Mexico”. Here, there are parallels with Mr. Trotsky – Russian politic, former Communist who fled from Russia to Mexico and later was slabbed with a hammer there by Soviet special agent.

Russian comics book 3

“…In the end of 1920s publishers try to gain interest from rural Soviet citizens making new series like The Communal Farmer and The World of Future. The stories of those books take place in future, in year 2000, when every Soviet farmer could enjoy benefits of the Communism.”. Including those ten feet tall rural robots.

Russian comics book 4

In 1940s the urge for violent content has sprang again. The series about the adventures of the Farmer Man was put on hold and it was replaced by this new “The Invincible Red Bear vs. Invaders”. The first edition came out in 1941 and they were pretty popular for a few years, but after 1945 their ratings got low, until they were discontinued at all.”

Russian comics book 5

“…In 1961 the new, Gagarin comics series appeared opening new Sci-Fi niche in Soviet comics industry.”

Russian comics book 6

“…In 1980s Soviet people have completely lost the interest in the old heroes, and publishers couldn’t come up with something new, except this “The Mutant Pioneers” series which didn’t last long.”

Russian comics book 7

“The last one was “Gorbert”. The story of Soviet comics ends on it”. It was associated with Gorbachev.

Russian comics book 8

“Then the Era of totally new comics has begun”.

Well, the comments here come from original artists who created this stuff.

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  1. The comic book front page of the farmer and 10Ft tall robots from the 1930s would have to be fake.

    It cant be printed in the 1930s as the “Soviet” fighters shown are Su-15 Flagon Interceptors from the 1970s !

  2. The first one looks rather anti-soviet. Chekist is depicted like stereotype communist on anti-soviet posters during polish-bolshevik war.

    That one from juni 1930 is obvious fake. Even Germans didn’t have jet planes that time.

    And “The Mutant Pioneers” from… april 1986. 26-th of april that year Chernobyl disaster took place. Very funny. Not.

    • Also TroTro is fake – clearly copied from French ‘TinTin’ [appeared first in 1929] – ‘Gorbert’ looks very similar to ‘Dilbert’ which also appeared for first time in 1989. And judging from the drawing style I would say all of these are fakes, made in Adobe Illustrator. Nobody was drawing like this in those days.

      Fake, fake, fake.

  3. The Mutant Pioneers is also fake. It is written on the wall: Tsoi is still alive. Victor Tsoi died in 1990 and only after his death his fans started to write: Tsoi is alive.

    • As well as Kremlin was not a simbol of Soviet Establishment that time. As far as I know in 1917 capital city was still Saint-Petersburg:))

    • @joe
      Gorbert = Gorbachev + Dilbert 😉
      Ha even has a similar stain on his head.

      And TroTro is of course parody of TinTin.

  4. OMG, it was obvious that the ‘books’ were a social remark, and yet almost all comments failed to see the sarcasm and just think it’s real. Sight. (Although #5 is right about distasteful Chernobyl-reference)

  5. Yes, they’re obviously fake. They’re also very well done, even for satire I mostly disagree with. Kudos to the artists, at least.

  6. “Well, the comments here come from original artists who created this stuff.”

    Yes did nobody see this at the end of story? OF COURSE IT IS FAKE THE WRITER EVEN SAID SO

  7. I was surprised when I saw the cover of the magazine Comic Pioneers mutants.(1986)
    There on the wall is written the phrase: “Choi is still alive.” But as they knew that he would die in 1990?

  8. Any of these comics never was issued in the USSR… All it is made to incite citizens of America against Russia… On purpose to show that Russia morally backward… Delirium all it… At that time comics did not let out… Even the colour press was not till 1980…

  9. I found this page looking for Russian comic books and I was a little disappointed to see that these covers are just works of satire. Still, I would really like to find some Russian comic books. They would be a gift for my brother. Any help on where I can find some?


  10. Actually, though the artwork is clearly modern, it’s not that far off from Constructivism or some of the cartoons they were making earlier in the Soviet Union. The only things that really give these away as more modern versions is the clarity of the pictures and the clear usage of computers in some fashion. Even then, they do look fairly close to some older Russian art forms.

  11. Pure fake. I mean these comics are not from Soviet Russia. They are made in present days but stylized like they was made in Soviet era. Anyway fun work!

  12. Thanks for publishing about this. There?s a mass of important tech info on the internet. You?ve got a lot of that info here on your website. I?m impressed ? I try to keep a couple blogs fairly on-going, but it?s a struggle sometimes. You?ve done a great job with this one. How do you do it?

  13. on the wall (number with pioneers mutants) is written ‘Tsoy jiv’, and the year is 1986….so, i didn’t know that Tsoy died in ’86…seems like fakes

  14. Hmm I’m not sure about the authenticity of the age of this comics, the ilustration looks too contemporany for being from that period. Even so, they’re really funny and original and I love it! :)))) <3

  15. I`m trying to find an old comic book (from the 90`s I think). I used to watch it`s pages all day when I was a kid, and then I don`t know what happened to it. All I remember are some images that I would recognize. It was a soviet style comic and it showed deep messages in a creepy style that used to horrify and intrigue me as a kid.

    • Does the comic have characters like Vanya the cosmonaut, Yuri and Masha or Misha/Mishka…graphics resembling some candle like illumination. This one used to show rockets and space adventures where cosmonauts had ropes tied around each other for scrambling around in space.

  16. Thanks for the intel, I left a link to this page on one of my posts:


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