The Station: Repairworks

Russian station

Remember, that station that got accident on it a few weeks ago? We had it here.

They still can’t understand what has happened. “It’s not watter-hammer effect, as we thought before”, say officials, “but still it is unclear what has happened.”

Russian station 2

Russian station 3

Russian station 4

Russian station 5

Russian station 6

Russian station 7

Russian station 8

Russian station 9

Russian station 10

Russian station 11

Russian station 12

Russian station 13

Such pieces of concrete were found far away from the explosion spot.

Russian station 14

Russian station 15

Russian station 16

Russian station 17

Repair workers drink water, lots of water.

Russian station 18

This water was normally not flowing through the station when it was functioning in its 100% mode.

Russian station 19

Now each this flow shows how much money they are losing each day letting the water come thru freely not doing any useful job of

generating electricity.

Photo credits: drugoi

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  1. I don´t knew if this is the real truth, but this is what i vé heard about it so far:

    “”According to the former director of Irkutskenergo, Viktor Bobrovski, the accident could have been caused by an incorrect start-up process of the turbine which resulted in an hydraulic pressure surge, or the excess load of the turbine caused by the peak consumption of electricity. According to Bobrovski, it is common practice in the region to compensate for peak load by overloading hydroelectric power plants, and the energy system of the region is near collapse, as the main goal of its owners is to take out as much profit as possible cutting down on maintenance, investment, safety, and educational costs. Since the load for other turbines ceased after the collapse of the turbine № 2, they probably started to spin without load at increasing speed until they smashed. He said that former director of Sayano–Shushenskaya hydroelectric power station Valentin Bryzgalov had alerted that it is dangerous to operate the plant at its maximum loads when the turbines are starting to vibrate in the axial direction. He said that the accident probably would not have had such catastrophic results if the safety systems had worked and the safety rules had been followed. According to Rostekhnadzor, the automatic shutdown system of the water intake pipes’ gates failed after failure of the turbine № 2.”

    • It’s almost what we had discussed in previous post about load cut-off and safety systems malfunction. I now see that damage is even worse, will be needed years for reconstruction and looks to me that whole plant must be shut down till then. And who will pay for it, the russian state that has no money to repair schools, private investors who don’t give a cent unless they can have serious turnover in just a year or insurance companies (i doubt if this plant was insured for such big damage).
      And the big question, where Russia will find enough and cheap electricity, this plant was damned big, could power a small country by itself. Winter is coming and lot of people will need light and heating…

  2. Опять заокеанские мегаэксперты получившие знаменитое амриканское образование судят о том в чем нихера не понимают. Современной России после рыночных реформ очень далеко до советского уровня проектирования и строительства. Тот факт что рушится построенное тогда говорит о падении качества образования и уровня ответствености.

  3. Okay, without sarcasm…
    Clearly, it is the work of the United States CIA. Russia should look closely at workers that had access.

  4. It was not an terrorist attack, only lack of maintance.
    Private owners milk companies for money. Even heard about a nuclear plant where the workers haven’t been paid for 4 months.

    Works like an carousel:A well run safety oriented taken over by an profit interested.When its been drained dry the profit hungry leaves because nothing is left,the its taken over by a safety oriented..etc.

    Lots of companies are run this way in the Former SU,till they literally fall apart.

    Phew what an long text 🙂

  5. This is very sad. It is such a waste that so much damage can not be blamed on Georgians or Ukrainians. Putin must be sleeping if he can not turn this into excuse to invade another country.

  6. You all wrong, who thinking CIA and Al-Quaieeda. Really it’s work Georgian terrorists, and Russia will for punishing bomb their citys and kill so many innocent peoples as possible.

  7. it has been clearly documented that #2 had serious vibration issues for many years. that would almost certainly mean out of balance. that much mass out of balance would eventually fail, and at operating speed or overspeed, would release huge amount of energy as in pictures. failure and responsibility should rest with operating engineer and those who most likely forced him to use #2. #2 should have not have been used been repaired.

  8. …. why do so many ignorant, asinine @#$%s gravitate to this site when disasters occur ……. do they think their comments add to the discussion … kinda like my country’s South …… Crap ..(personal opinion)


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