Russian Movies: the Museum

Russian mosfilm museum

“Mosfilm” – the composite word made of two Russian words – Moscow and Film – which don’t need translation to be understood. Such name was bearing the most popular Soviet movie production company. At that times there were not much of those, and all we controlled by the state and belonged to the state. Soviet bosses allowed big cities to have their own movie studies so they were often having the name of the city/region in its name, that was a tradition. Besides Mosfilm there were Lenfilm – for Leningrad, Armianfilm for Armenia and etc.

The Mosfilm one was one of the most “rich” studios because it was in Moscow where all the necessary Soviet links were connected. So most of the Soviet movie classics come from it. Now it’s a fully operating studio too and the owners has opened the museum inside where they collected stuff from old Soviet movies.

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Gagri, Abkhazia

Gagri, Abkhazia

We had some shots from this magnificent place before a few times – some of them may be here again, but anyways this place looks cool – the lost Soviet paradise where in the sub-tropical forests of what now is called Abkhazia the old Russian resort Gagri stands, mostly abandoned now.

It’s pretty short time needed for the nature to recover and take over what man has created. It’s been said that fifty years is enough so that most of the abandoned structures can’t be spotted from the airplane. It has passed almost twenty years already.

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The Story of the One House

Russian house

This letter was sent by the dwellers of this house to the local newspaper of some Russian town.

“Dear Sirs,

We are writing to your newspaper to inform about the situation taking place with the building in which we live. Since 2007 we pay higher fees for the communal services, but instead of getting better service and/or getting our problems fixed we are getting it even worse now.

…then there comes a big list of the problems they are having, but it’s better to see that on the photos together with some more excerpts from the letter.

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The Police Badge Fail

Russian criminal faking police badge

This guy was robbing people in one of the Moscow suburbs. Once he got really lucky when he found a real Russian police badge in the bag that belonged to one of his victims. He figured out that with simple real-life photoshop skills he could use it to gain more confidence from victims and then.. he got busted.

When detectives looked thru his belongings they found that piece of badge and got laughed loudly. Why? You can see why inside.

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The Real STALKER 2

Russian stalker game

Some time ago we had some photos of Russian guys playing S.T.A.L.K.E.R. game for real. They had a lot of cool hardware like AK-47 guns and Soviet style gas masks. For those who doesn’t know the game it’s game play takes place in Chernobyl, at the powerplant blow up site and so do those guys – they play this game right in Chernobyl where the ground and some metal structures still hold unreal doses of radiation and people don’t live there yet, and it’s said they won’t in the nearest fifty years. /p>

All this don’t stop them. This year they have better hardware, better costumes – just like a real thing. Coming from different parts of Russia and other countries just to participate or see this with their own eyes. You can check it out now.

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The First Retail Catalogues

Russian catalogue

For long years of communists reign there was no free commerce or telemarketing retail sales in Russia. None could start a business or a company, it was not possible. Only the state had the right to be a vendor. Then in one moment things has changed. Now anyone could sell almost anything to anyone. So first experiments sprang out devoted to the power of direct postal sales bringing out such masterpieces of commerce art like this catalogue.

Some photos from those first editions bring smile to every Russian who remembers that times of strange fashion and standards.

See yourself what you could by first years after the “perestroika” began.

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