24 thoughts on “Slower, Bit Slower”

  1. Neat, kind of mesmerizing. It would be interesting to know what equipment the guy used when he made this movie.

    Cheers /notbugs

  2. Cool. Thanks of the view of Moscow on ketamine.

    Sah-lowww mow-shunnn bah-lond guhr-ril.

    Sah-leepee timmmme.

    Gooooooood niiiiiighttttt.

  3. Why not use different music?

    Moscow never sleeps
    Moscow never sleeps
    Я люблю тебя
    Москва – люблю тебя
    Moscow never sleeps

  4. High speed cameras are fun to play with. It’s too bad the only ones in the consumer market are Casio cameras that do 1000 fps 128×80 resolution. 🙁

  5. This clip probably had been made to be played in looping. Blondie at the beginning appears again at the ending. Of course it would be cool if both matched exactly. 🙂

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