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One guy with his young family had to move to his wife’s mother’s house. What he found there shocked him deeply. He tried to tell the story to his friends and coleagues but they simply didn’t believe him until he made those photos.

This probably what happens when everyone in the family exhausts of motivation of keeping the house tidy.

The photo above is how the room of his father-in-law looked like when they moved in.

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When the mother in law was sleeping he started some cleaning and renovation. He painted those doors too.

“It’s better the smell of paint than the smell of that garbage”, he says.

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“The dad-in-law is almost ready to support me”, says the author.

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His mother-in-law doesn’t need much space. “Let’s install dish washer in the kitchen”, he offered to her,

“I don’t need it, I always have some space to wash my two plates”, she replied.


He started collecting all the trash and the dad-in-law started helping after he pesuaded him that it’s not ok to live like that.

Mother-in-law was against and was promising to sue them for each piece of garbage she couldn’t find. “So we started throw everything in her room.

It looked like that: at late nights I opened the door to her room a bit and threw everything in there”, the author remembers.


Little by little he got the stuff sorted out at least on some part of the appartments. The mother-in-law got everything same

in her part. She stopped communicating with them and left only the hand written notes in bathroom.

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32 thoughts on “That Flat is OK”

    • In particular the kitchen looks pretty standard to me – our kitchen looks like that ! Our neighbours kitchen looks like that, actually everybody I know, all 4 of them have kitchens like that. And the main room, same story.. I do not get the news value here.

  1. I would divorce her, because her parents apartment are a piece of the future is waiting for this man. But she can be different…

  2. Having been a police officer near the city of St. Louis, Mo. for 25 years, I can attest to the fact, I’ve been in houses that make this house seem as clean and sterile as a hospital.

  3. This is called compulsive hoarding and it occurs all over the industrialized world.

  4. This is a human condition that is not bounded by national borders. Please give the family my regards and sympathy.

  5. It matters not the location of the country. Old people suffer a mental disease called Hoarding. There is no cure, no medicine to treat this disease, their mind becomes broken and they live messy, filth, dirty lives.

    • It’s not only old people. In the U.S., some people who lived through the Depression became like this, at a not so old age. But not everyone did. (Don’t ask how I know this.)

  6. Very truly, a sad situation.
    The people afflicted with such a hoarding mental disease, see not what they do, and it is impossible to reason with them.

  7. Whoa! That’s even worse than my mother-in-law’s place. My best to the son-in-law, who has worked so hard to clean up and paint up.

  8. Do not think, that all Russian live in apartments similar by this. Who so thinks – fool.

    Most likely there lived american. ^_^

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  10. Wow, that is some pretty sweet carpeting that was hidden under there. Reminds me of something you would see at the skating rink.

  11. If my grandfather would have seen the pictures showing a junked up apartment he would have flipped out. He was always telling my aunt to get the house picked up before his passing.

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