22 thoughts on “The Northern Fleet Submarines”

    • The upper part of the tower where the windows are is flooded once the submarine submerges. The crew uses this part only when the weather is very stormy, so they don’t get blown away or frozen by the cold wind.

  1. it is normal, Americana subs have the same problem. Well expect on official pictures, but that is normal, sea water is bad for a sub no matter if Russian or American.

  2. Seems all of these behomeths are missile launching subs. 24-36 Intermediate Range Ballistic Missiles. They always sortie out as a duet. One Russki sub, one hunter-killer sub (US). They perform a dance, you might say, a dance macabre.

  3. It seems odd viewing these Russian boats from above the waterline and against the backdrop of the landscape. The last time I did this for real the vis was always so so and it was AlWAYS blowing a hoolie.
    Oh and by the way….the US had allies during the Cold War, they did not do it all themselves. Though they’d rather you thought they did!

  4. Makes me feel like Captain Nemo, seeing the submarine with ‘windows’ 🙂

    Yep, I need one of those. Luxury cruises, join us on our world tour. Please don’t open the window when submerged..

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