12 thoughts on “The Steam Punk Phone”

    • Probably the link with Darwin’s theory of evolution is that even cell phones had to evolve.
      on a different note, most Russians tend to have a provincial mentality, they always look to the west for new trends and ideas, thus it’s no surprise that once the media stories about the debates between Darwinists and creationists in the US got translated into Russian, there were Russians who figured mother Russia needed to follow suit ASAP. It’s just a fad.

  1. “Russian steam punk phone from the Russian man famous for his daughter which started a court plea against Russian state for “having no alternative in current school education for the Darwin theory, putting it as the only right in the minds of schoolchildren”.”

    Russia is getting more like America everyday.

  2. It mightn’t be to ever one’s taste, but I’d buy one in a heart beat. Does anyone know how to contact the “Creator” (Pun intended)?


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