The Hostages

Russian hostages

A group of journalists were kept as hostages by a bunch of Southern looking guys dressed in military uniform. Well, almost. It is a new experience one can get in Chelyabinsk city, Russia in the recently opened special courses of “How to behave during if you was taken as a hostage”.

First a bus full of people is being stopped in the middle of nowhere by a bunch of Arabic people yelling “Allakh Akbar” each and every five seconds. Those are not real terrorists, but Russian SWAT soldiers carefully picked by appearance – with Southern roots so that they could resemble ethnical Chechen or Arabic threat.

Russian hostages 2

“Face to the ground!” was a command and all the “civilians” were forced down to the muddy field in all their good cloths and stayed such for quite a while. “We were treated really rough, no matter man or woman”, remembers one journalist.

Russian hostages 3

First, all the cameras and mobile phones were seized.

Russian hostages 4

Firing from the real guns with real bullets. Just to keep everyone intact.

Russian hostages 5

After a while all men were searched again. Those who had mobile phone hidden

somewhere in the pocket were convinced that they are wrong.

Russian hostages 6

“Move forward you dirty dogs!”.

Russian hostages 7

Looking bit tired, eh? Indeed some of them were, after three hour walk across the fields to the hidden

shelter of the world’s terror.

Russian hostages 8

Russian hostages 9

“What did you said you dirty b..?”

Russian hostages 10

Russian hostages 11

And finally the saviors came.

Russian hostages 12

After a long fight…

Russian hostages 13

The hostages were saved.

Russian hostages 14

Except one.


31 thoughts on “The Hostages”

    • Polite faux terrorists are much more expensive than the regular kind. You have to sign up for the deluxe training to get them.

  1. I was missing the part where they search all the women with rubber gloves on.
    Also, only one dead? that doesn’t sound like a typical russian rescue effort to me. more like only one survived!

  2. Pretty harsh training! I wouldn’t mind doing it myself, but I would want to play the terrorist roll, I would pay just like the hostages!

  3. So it’s very much like the real thing – Putin’s and Patrushev’s terrorists from the FSB blew up the Moscow buildings in 1999 (and screwed up in Riazan), and now they’re pretending they’re Chechens again. Well, at least this time the explosives are fake!

  4. Hi,

    I have great respect for Russia. Being a Muslim coming from Malaysia, I find this deeply offensive, why would they mock “Allahu Akbar” which means god is great and generalize that all terrorist would be muslims ? The western world has a great deal of terrorist themselves.

    It kind of damaged the respect that I had for Russian forces. I hope the next training would not need to be conducted with such manner. Terrorist can be generic, not generalized to fit a specific set of people.

      • Nope,

        Like Basque terrorist group, IRA, FARC of Columbia, Jewish Defense League, Klu Klux Klan and etc.

        So aren’t they terrorist ?

        • Like Basque terrorist group, IRA, FARC of Columbia, Jewish Defense League, Klu Klux Klan and etc.

          Nabil you dumb sh%t KKK is not terrorist. I don’t even understand how they could be considered terrorist they don’t regularily attack people or blow themselves up. They’re like fraternal oranization kind of like Masons.

          Second FARC, IRA, and Basque terrorist groups have all know to be funded by people outside the West, for example it is know that FARC was sponsered by Communist and the IRA reularily recieved funds from nations like Libya.

          Thirdly, Israel is not in the West, Israel’s Jewish Defence league is in the middle “East”.

          Fourthly, I realize terrorist is not something for Muslims only. Most these Muslim terrorist groups wouldn’t even exist if it wasn’t for funding and training from nations and other wealthy Muslims. Almost all terrorist are funded by Nations which have an agenda wether it be Gaza, Somalia, Kosovo, Suadi Arabia, Syria, Iran, former Iraq, Afghan, and Pakistan, Sudan, Yemen, Israel, and Libya. The reason there has been so many terrorist in the Muslim world has been primarily because there been so many nations using terrorist as a proxi.

      • You seem misguided there. The fact is, there are non muslim terrorist.

        And be informed, Russia has good relations with muslim countries, they shouldn’t jeopardize it with such insult and stereotyping of muslims in their trainings.

        • Blah blah blah, we get the point. Not all muslims are terrorists. I just have one question for Nabil. Why is it that absolutely no normal muslims condemn terrorist acts committed by religious extremists? I always hear muslims complaining about the way they are portrayed as terrorists, but I never hear them condeming muslims who are terrorists. Why the double standard?

          • The west is the only terrorists!If the western infidels are eliminated there will be no more terrorism in the world.Only the true word of Alla.

  5. Religion is a tool of the new world order designed to enslave your mind. By following an organized religion you become a pawn in the game that the NWO created. Read any of the books written by Icke or similar authors.

    No religion = No religious extremists = No violence caused by religion

    You can choose to believe in god without following a religion. You don’t have to follow the science-is-the-only-truth cult either. Think for yourselves and don’t follow the flock.

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