B-413 Submarine. Interiors.


The B-413 submarine belonged to the Soviet Northern Fleet for almost 20 years — from 1969 to 1990. Next eight years it was a unit of the Baltic Fleet, and soon after its decommissioning, in July 2000, the B-413 became an item of the Museum of the World Ocean. Now it’s exhibited in Kaliningrad, and in 2000 after the tragedy of the Kursk submarine the museum organized a fundraising campaign for the families of crewmembers who died in the catastrophe. The interiors haven’t changed a bit since 1969 when it was constructed. Everything there is very accurate and small, for tall men it was more than hard to live and work in the submarine, as there is little room and you had to move very quickly, especially when the situation required it. The photos below worth many words.

























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  1. Another amazing piece of Soviet technology.despite the so called US supremacy in navel warfare,Soviets did balanced their power in the cold war.Big,brutal and best in the Price were the key features of Soviet doctrine.

    • Soviets never compete the US technology.don`t dream in day light.Soviet junk is abandon all over the Russia and her former republics.US rulzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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  2. Poor Russians with their second rate rusted military equipment trying to re-live their retched glory days and comparing themselves to Father USA.

  3. There is not much space there, but this creates an intimate environment where lonely sailors can drink vodka and “help each others out”.

  4. Looks like a foxtrot from the inside. You can tour one in long beach california, next to the queen mary for ten bucks

  5. saw that sub last year in k-grad. pretty cool to check out a russian sub (i am american, btw). there was some old russian navy guy in full soviet uniform that was there to answer questions (in russian). could not go to the conning tower, however..

  6. Let us not discuss the Kursk. It sank. Everybody died. Because we could manage ourselves, according to Putin. My uncle was on that sub!!!! Buit let’s not discuss it !!

  7. The Ministry of Defense of United States on condition of anonymity said the agency Associated Press, that in the past few days, two Russian nuclear submarines patrolling the eastern coast of the United States. Russian Defense Ministry refuted the data, firstly not two, but eight, and secondly do not patrol, looking for a drowned container with vodka …

  8. I haven’t been to Kaliningrad to see it, but it will be a first stop when I do go. It is just so far out of the way.

  9. Hey, everyone! For those who still think that this equipment was outdated by that time and could not compete – beleive it or not it could move with a surprising dexterity and would have been not a mere headache, but rather an end to almost any US sub whose crew`s mind`s wandering. This is neither a gadget nor a toy. This is a floating killng base that causes death and destruction. Just read this (for comparison):


    (although it`s in Russian) but whenever somebody will pay attention to the sub`s history from the days of cold war, could not but notice the competition was exhaustive for both sides: Soviet and US as well. There`s a freat deal of documentary medium nowadays. The only short-term advantage the US Naval had, was noiselessness of marine propellers.

  10. Going to sea in that sub for a few days would be an adventure but to spend months or years on it would be hard to endure.

  11. The link to the vodka museum made me think of the whiskey class submarine that got caught with the hands in the cookie jar 1981. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Soviet_submarine_S-363 Every swede who was alive then remembers the incident. My father still has a t-shirt which says “whiskey on the rocks” and a sub run aground.

  12. Eye candy! I wish there was a bit more description of what some of that equipment is supposed to do but that is certainly a really nice photo set.

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