Why do people hate BMW?

Not all BMW drivers are idiots, but all idiots drive BMW… Once again this truth has proven itself in ex-soviet country – Latvia.

Drunk „gopniks” (in picture below) sat behind the wheel of 7-series BMW and their driving resulted in killing young girl.


As witnesses say driver of BMW was going approx 200 km/h (140 mph) in city and made probably the biggest mistake of his life – he lost control of car, hit on the pavement, made some somersets and in one of those moments killed 13 year old girl with bycicle.



Beemer’s speed was so big that after it hit pavement, it’s wheel came loose and it still scuffled some 150 meters until hiting the tree.


As usual, instead of honest capitulation, BMW driver started to make up stories about what really happened – that he isn’t drunk, that they were chasing another stolen car and so on.


Alcohol kills. I just hope that court will judge those idiots with proper punishment…


Photo credits: Guntis Plotins

More: http://www.kriminal.lv/news/strashnaya-avariya-v-vecmilgravise

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  1. Yes, there are no indication about accident caused by high speed. Something “punched” the windshield and there’s no hint about front collision (air bag is intact). Sensors on front bumper probably are untouched.

    BTW: the Bumer driver isn’t the owner and captions are based on original posting in another site.

    • I take it that you didn’t see the wrinkled fender or the missing grill ? What about the water trail from a busted radiator. I believe the left rear tire rollover was caused by the car sliding sideways. The windshield appears to have been struck from the outside by something large but I don’t think the vehicle was traveling at a high rate of speed on impact. A bicycle struck in the side would flip it’s rider into the air and into the windshield. I doubt that striking a bicycle at high speed would cause a great deal of damage. But this is only conjecture on my part.

    • OMG who said it was wheel that traveled 150 meters after the impact ???

      * * *

      BTW airbags are not designed to deploy in such situations – they set off not on every impact, but on deceleration exceeding certain threshold, when passengers are at risk of being ejected or hit against the dash. If this almost-2-ton vehicle hit the bicycle or a person, the deceleration is negligible.

    • AS reports one of Latvian news portals it doesn’t look like fake (translation from LV)


    • no there weren’t, genius. In times of USSR, there were allot of cars. But there were allot of resources spent into safety as well.

      • BS. In Soviet times during the traffic maximum on the main street in Riga there were less cars than today there are on quiet Sunday morning. Streets were nearly empty. And all cars were soviet made “buckets with bolts and nuts inside”. Plain horror.

        Just for info: The guy on the top picture, the one on the left with the black T-shirt, has a typical Russian face with Mongolic traits, so common for post-WWII Soviet settlers and their descendants in Latvia. Foreigners often wonder how locals can visually distinguish between Latvians and Russians, but often that is all too easy.

        • Stop dreaming Riga guy. I’ve been to Riga in 1990 when the number of russians was much more then nowdays and haven’t
          seen any “face with Mongolic traits” Latvians and russians
          differs not so much as the locals used to think. And typical Russian face has nothing to do with “Mongolic traits”

      • you are ridiculous… in soviet times they easyest part of getting a car was the licence, you could of just studied that in high school or college as a course and you had your licence. The second step was getting the licence to buy a car but then you had to have strong relations with different people and mostly that licence was optained from the companies where you would of worked at(the money was the least of your problems). Third when you optained the licence to buy a car it toke forever to recive it from 1 to 6 years to have a car in front of your apartment building but it was avarage of 2-3 years and you had it. But stop posting emotional and patriotic posts here, you just can’t be patriotic and emotional about Soviet “republic”… the russia (which it still is now)

  2. Разогнавшись до скорости почти 200 км/час в жилой зоне, автомобиль BMW с несколькими подвыпившими мужчинами не справился с управлением и насмерть сбил, по уточненным данным, 31-летнюю женщину на велосипеде.

    По предварительным данным, погибла девочка 13-14 лет, однако пресс-центр полиции сегодня утром уточнил: жертва аварии — 31-летняя женщина.

  3. nothing is fake



  4. Why are the descriptions on this site so often wrong?! The car clearly did not roll over, and all the wheels are still on it (so one could not have gone 150m). To my eye, there is no way this car was going 200 km/h and end up with so little damage. I’m learning not to believe the descriptions of these posts.

  5. According to news agency LETA, the driver is 25 years old, the woman on bike was 31 year old (not 13y girl as mentioned here). The driver was very drunk, more than 2.0 promiles of alco in his blood. The law says he will be banned from drivimg for up to 5 years and could go in prison for 3 to 15 years.

  6. About 44,000 people die in car accidents every year in the US. Anybody know how many in Russia?

    Google Translate of the article

  7. Hitting a tree? Somersaults? 200 km/h? You really need to take a better look at your pics before posting things that aren’t true!!
    If you loose control @ 200 km/h in the middle of the city, your car would be a bit more compact than it is now… People always like to blow things up.
    My version of the facts? They hit the girl (or whatever it was) front left. That declares the damage on the front and the windshield. Then they lost control while trying to avoid her/it, the car went sideways, hit a curb or something that cracked the left rear wheel and then made a slide untill they stopped.
    I don’t think it’s cooling fluid on the street… If you look at the left side. There’s alot of fluid right in front of the rear wheel (that’s where the fuel tank is). So it might be fuel! Probably a leakage because of the slide.
    Don’t ask me why the side airbag flew out… It probably flew out while going sideways and decelerating. Maybe a faulty sensor parameter…


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