Russian Paratroopers Day


On August 2, 1930 near Voronezh a parachute subdivision of 12 men landed in the fields and  this started a new tradition of the Soviet and then Russian army. This date is the professional holiday of paratroopers and is celebrated for already 79 years. Over this period landing troops took part in all armed conflicts of the former USSR. Nowadays these troops are believed to be the elite of the army. The motto of the Blue berets “Nobody but us”.


Ex-paratroopers go to the centre of the city and have fun meeting their friends and “colleagues”, swimming in fountains and drinking vodka. They may seem to be quite aggressive and brutal, but in fact they are rather calm, when not drunk.  Anyways, being in the crowd of these ex-soldiers may cost you a lot, if you didn’t serve in the army, look like a gay and say some things they don’t approve (in general, it’s hard to say, what they don’t approve, so, it’s better just to keep your mouth shut unless you want to have problems).


























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54 thoughts on “Russian Paratroopers Day”

    • OMG if these people are the “ELITE” squad of Russian army, I give up hope on Russia. Russia will never rise again. One Navy Seal in the US Navy will be equal to a battalion of these Russian elite. But i concede some guys are total hotties 🙁

    • Where exactly do you see oversized people?
      The only fat dude in the fountain?
      I was quite surprised to see so many of them in such a great shape considering that they probably drink and smoke lots.

  1. They should rename Russian Paratroopers Day to “Telyashka Day”. The striped shirts have a sense of pride to the Russian military.

  2. Someone should tell them the striped shirts look gay.

    Seriously, with all the men hugging and kissing, I’d think this was a gay pride parade until someone told me differently.

    I wouldn’t wnat to fight them though – they might butt-rape me.

  3. Tough guys. Every country has their own 🙂

    PS: Does anyone here know this Russian music group

    1) I think they are called Mezami
    2) Lead singer is called Shuva or Szuva
    3) Lead singer is also a painter and in the Russian Academy of Artists
    4) They are not from Moscow or St. Pertersburg

    I looked on GOOGLE with no luck for them. Heard them on the radio being interviewed. Sound interesting.

  4. Theese guys is absolutly crazy. And it is very goode. The true soldier must be crazy and fearless. If will be need, they kick your fat american asses as nobody before. However, this may you enjoy :))
    I dont sorry for my english beсause distort and murder the English language – a sacred duty of every normal human being.

  5. Most guys are in such good shape that it’s almost hard to believe this is indeed part of Russian army !! Which in general is pale, starving from lack of decent food and bored because there is nothing to do.

    • This takes place in Minsk, which is in the caption. That is Belarus.

      Also, if you can read Cyrillic, the bottom of the license plate says “Belarus”.

  6. If I just would see the photos -no headline, no text- I would think it is a parade of gay. How they pose and hug each other.

  7. Now I can see why these guys didn’t make it through Afghanistan. I’ve never seen a drunk Canadian soldier, let alone one swimming in a public water fountain…they’d be arrested by the military police. Russia needs a vodka- free “professional army” or it’s next meaningful engagement could be a Chernobyl like experience. I’ve seen these draftees in Varadero,Cuba & if drinking was war they’d have won every battle.

  8. so…you determine the ability of a country to defend itself based on how hot the soldiers are? I’ve read your posts and you obviously have no idea what life is like in Russia and are constantly putting their citizens and traditions down.

    • Sambo is a Russian martial art.My brother in law learned it when he was in the Russian army.

      He taught me some of it the last time I was in Ekaterinburg!

  9. Paratroopers? Looks more like the annual gay parade!

    I’d wear a virginity belt instead of a gun if I ever encouter those guys… 🙂

  10. Yes they are very tough, these paratroopers. But people in other countries don’t have to be afraid of them, their only victims are local people whom they beat up while being drunk.

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  12. I am an ex British paratrooper with 27 years service. I assume that there to be quite a number of contributors from the USA to this piece about Russian paratroopers . They have nothing to crow about, their so called elite pale into insignificance when compared with the British SAS. Yes paratroopers are tough, we have to be – remember Stalingrad and Arnhem? The Russian people are the salt of the earth and care deeply about their beloved motherland. These paratroopers will defend it to the last drop of their blood, drunk or not!

  13. To Miss India: Please do not compare your Navy seals to Russian VDV. In terms of logistics and equipement the USA is superior but, in terms of physical resistance,determination and, human toughness Russian soldiers can be compared with French legionnaires, best soldiers in the world. One of my friend told me, that the majority of Navy Seals he saw during training session with the French Foreign Legion have to give up, cause they aren’t that tough, whereas former paratrooper would go the distance without complaining.

  14. Worst day of the year for ordinary people in Russia, especially in Moscow. People are better off to stay inside on this day, or try to stay as far away from these drunk barbarians as possible. This includes police, by the way, they pretend that nothing is happening, unless they absolutely have to interfere. Fortunately, these savages are very conspicuous, as these photos show, and they are easy to see from distance.


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