That Flat is OK

appartments in Russia

One guy with his young family had to move to his wife’s mother’s house. What he found there shocked him deeply. He tried to tell the story to his friends and coleagues but they simply didn’t believe him until he made those photos.

This probably what happens when everyone in the family exhausts of motivation of keeping the house tidy.

The photo above is how the room of his father-in-law looked like when they moved in.

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Satellite Jam

Russian traffic in Moscow

This kind of traffic jams are pretty often in Moscow. The reason for them is often the top security measures that are needed by the governmental agencies to protect the important people while their ride. This time the jam got on the sat images in Russian analogue of google maps so it now can be seen from space too. Clicking on the image can reveal the map itself so that one can scale it or move up/down to see the real size of the jam.

It’s interesting that the vip cars are not seen on those sat images. The reason for this that according to the same security regulations road should be closed far before the motorcade appears.

And inside there are some shots “from the ground”.

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Interior Design and Furniture in the USSR



As previously stated, the majority of people in the USSR lived in the apartments. Unfortu­nately, due to the the time constraints, they had to be built in a speedy rather than comfortable manner. After the war, when accommodation was extremely scarce, a three bed room flat could accommodate up to 16 people (four average families), with one shared kitchen and one shared bathroom.  The quality of living there was truly horrendous.  So when Khr­uschev started his building binge in 1960s, a joke went that the legacy of those communal flats was agoraphobia – the fear of open spaces and the tendency to hoard things. Well, if you spent your formative years in a pokey flat where you’d have to dry your laundry next to the stove, you’d be just as agoraphobic.

So let’s look at the main trends in the interior design Soviet style.

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