Maternity Barn

Russian maternity clinic

In Russia mother give birth to children in special clinics called “maternity houses” rather than in regular hospitals. Usually there are one or two of such for a city with 300,000 people population.

Kimry town is not that big, just scored at 61,000, and we have the photos of the place where it’s maternity house exterior for today.

Russian maternity clinic 2

Russian maternity clinic 3

Russian maternity clinic 4

Russian maternity clinic 5

Russian maternity clinic 6

Russian maternity clinic 7

Russian maternity clinic 8

Russian maternity clinic 9

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  1. Now you will understand why we are at spot 152 [between Greenland and American Samoa] with 10.56 dead children p/1000 [2009 est] The best is Singapore with only 2.31 dead kids.
    see for yourself:

    • Kirov,How big Singapore is?what is the ranking of Russia in this globe by the area?Pleas spot at least “one” good thing in Russia! ! !.i noticed that you always try to disgrace great Russia and her good image.Yes Russia has some social and economic difficulties like other countries in the world but Russia is improving day by day.there is no country in this world who give their citizens 100% “satisfaction” guaranties! ! ! .

      • I am Russian and yes, I know I seem to be pointing out nasty things only. Thing is, things are NOT improving in Russia, only looks like that. Rich people get richer, poor people stay poor. Biggest problem is bad mentality. Extreme egoism. Corruption is very big and very bad, I think this should change!!! I want to motivate action!!! My compatriots, DO something! Do not try to fill your pockets and *** the rest!!! Act!! Change Russia into GOOD positive country, not this minority complex-ridden swamp, led by crruption and paranoia!!!

  2. Yea its all beat up, many buildings in Russia are in the same condition. This one is obviously abandoned. I dont like when the people posting the pictures try to paint a horror story. I was born in one of these maternity homes and turned out just fine.

  3. Не вполне понятна эта новость.. У нас пол-страны в таком разъёбаном состоянии..

  4. чот смарю начали развалины России выкладывать последнее время часто

  5. The state of the windows, rather clean and mostly not broken, show that the building probably is not abandoned and still in use. One shouldn’t be surprise to see the infrastructure of provincial cities in a state like this.
    The most strange thing in Russian maternities is that visitors are in most cases not allowed in, or are not allowed to go further than the entrance hall. Even the fathers won’t be able to visit their own newly born children. So you see those stranges scense where the mother holds up the baby in front of the window so that the father at least can have a vague look at his child.

  6. “In Russia mother give birth to children in special clinics called “maternity houses””

    So, where do you think the rest of the world do it?

  7. Just checking, but these photos are from a clinic that is no longer in use. Right? If it is still running as a birthing center I am horrified. Get a mid-wife and have the baby at home.

  8. It’s probably better to give a birth in such places. Yes, this one looks really old and awful, but it is always very clean inside the operating-room! It is better to stay in that place, than to give a birth at home, without any doctors, special devices, sterility etc.

  9. So what is wrong on France, Italy and USA you have also such hospitals, and in the same state. We should put pictures of them too, just to compare.

  10. Nice article!

    Old buildings like this are fascinating. Although it has seen better days, once upon a time people cared for it and tried to make it beautiful, as shown by the oval shaped window which is obviously there as a design feature. Somebody used their imagination and thought about that window, considered the options, made drawings, twisted the arm of the accountant in charge of the budget and got it built as a complicated oval shape rather than utilitarian rectangular. Success!

    These little touches, these little human victories, are all around us if we just step back and look.


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