36 thoughts on “Venice, Minsk”

  1. Doesn’t look at all like NO after Katrina.. The people are WAY too light in color to be NOs… and they arn’t looking televisions and such.

    but seriously, i have been to NO , post Katrina, and the scars from that storm are everywhere. Sad stuff like this has to happen anywhere.

  2. I understand that it is not easy to provide the infrastructure for dealing with heavy rainfall, but why do people driver their vehicles right into the water? There have been a number of postings here showing this behaviour. Wouldn’t it be wiser to find a higher spot to park and get the car later when the water has gone down?

    • Because like everywhere, people are not thinking. Like braindead they move on, thinking that it only happens to others, not to them.

    • I think the owner just figured that, hey, no matter where he hid his car it would be flooded anyways (look at other photos), so he might as well continue driving to get as close as he can to his home at least.

  3. The car has probably stopped running unexpectedly – all others around it got away safely, and then more rain came and flooded it completely.

    • I have to change my email every single time I post or it dopesnt work. Also I swear half of my posts that actually make it are later deleted by the administrators. Yet they keep all the hate-filled posts. I bet this gets deleted!

      • I bet it won’t get deleted. 🙂 I’ve noticed some serious problems with the posting system – mostly it looks like an overloaded or confused server. Posts eventually make it. I don’t think a lot of what happens here is on purpose. /ducks

          • Yea, once I was able to post with my original name and e-mail. So I figured after some tests, site only checks the e-mail.

            BTW, never put “.ru” at e-mail address, or your posting goes to “awaiting authorization”.

            Also I told the administrators to let us login with Open-ID or something like this, but no answer… They just don’t care.

            ER is flooded by drunktards like Minsk with water. 🙁

  4. Note the picture of the interior of that house, with the overturned chairs and sofa. See all the sewage in the water? This is why it is important that the great peoples of Eastern Europe should keep in mind that urban flood waters are to be avoided. Don’t swim in them, don’t wade past knee deep, and don’t dare even walk in them, if you have any cuts or injuries on your feet and legs.

    One of the first things that happens in such flooding is the sewer system backs up and dumps thousands of gallons of raw sewage into the water.

    Take care of yourselves!

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