26 thoughts on “Visit to a Drugstore”

  1. Doesn’t anyone wonder how the car got there in the first place? Is not like cars can fly like that (there is little damage around the window), or have turbo button like KITT in KR series >_> … Store owner has really bad luck ..

  2. Miss Pakistan Mazda RX8 is sold every where even in your pitty pakistan region and even in MY HOLLAND ; ) MUAHAHAHHA!

  3. It is a fake.
    (1) The S shaped mettle grill over the manhole has no damage.
    (2) You would have to line the car up carefully then push it in with even more care.
    (3) There is little or no damage to the sides of the car.
    (4) The wheels would have big V’s in them where they hit the window ledge; the front end of the car would have bounced up when it hit the window ledge, damaging the “Oral B” sign, and the top window, and there is much more.

    • I dont think this is fake – A car landed in a 2nd floor window near my house several years back. The girl was going so fast that when she hit the curb it shot her 12 feet into the air. She didn’t die either!

  4. I have just beaten my class and the little buggers confirmed Russia is the best place for starting a business. I have also made the son of an emigrant, the father of which is a bricklayer somewhere in the devilish EU, to pee his pants.
    Now I can sleep in peace after drinking a liter of samogon – I deserved my government money.


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