14 thoughts on “It’s Stormy Weather”

  1. High winds channeled by those tall apartment buildings. It had to be a freak thing as the trees were not adapted to it. Had they been subjected to it over time their root systems and trunks would have been stronger. I saw the same thing in New Holland Pa years ago, at one point I was doing 60mph down the road and a large garbage can was passing me.

  2. That took only few minutes. I entered subway right before the storm, only few first drops of rain were down. The train took no more than 15 minutes but when I was back on the street there was strong rain but only moderate wind. I’ve totally missed the show 🙂

    On my way to the home, some lights were broken, so there were traffic jams, and lightnings damaged power lines in my part of the city so there was a blackout for two hrs.

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