The Unknown Harry Potter Stories from Russia

Russian Harry Potter party

In Russia Harry Potter is popular too, in fact it was way too popular so some book publishing companies came up with their Harry Potter clones, trying to make it sound close to original even in naming the characters, so the most two popular ones were (and still are) the Porry Gatter with its first book “Porry Gatter and the Stoned Philosopher” – you can see it’s cover above, and the girlish series “Tanya Grotter” – like if Harry Potter was a girl (on the photo below).

Each series got a few sequels and got appreciated greatly by the readers.

Russian Harry Potter party 1

Russian Harry Potter party 1

Then in order not to miss the buzz the Russian computer game producers came up with video games devoted to the stoned professor and Tanya Grotter, the first one was called “Tany Grotter and the Disappearing Floor” – for sure that disappearing floor was an evil trick of the Stoned Professor.

Russian Harry Potter party 1

Russian Harry Potter party 1

Currently those books and games are legally available only in Russian speaking countries because in outer world they are targeted by JK Rowling and not available in translations. Once the Dutch publishers were trying to sell them but had to get it down after Time Warner claims on plagiarism.

In total there are more than twenty books of Harry Potter origin involving Hogwarts and its heroes, which could be such a nice present for Harry Potter western fans but probably would be never read/played by them.

In Russia some fans don’t divide those three story lines and mix it all up in their own Harry-Tanya Stoned World, rolling out cool parties devoted to all this stuff. So one of such parties is below, some of them can be really nightmarish.

here they were the photos from one of such parties, but were removed due to some requests.

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  1. Hey! Porry Gutter is no clone, it’s a genuine parody. The premise is similar, but the story itself goes into a completely different direction full of ROFLMAO-y nonsense fast. spoiler>> Mordevolt is the good guy and by the end of book 1 gets a wife for crying out loud <<spoiler The second and third books “Mergiona’s private affair” and “Nine deeds of Sen Whatif” have nothing to do with that-book-you-know-what-I’m-talking-about (except the similarities already established in the first book). They don’t even use “A and the B” template.

    Now, ‘Tanya Grotter’ is a different story. But I won’t comment cause I didn’t read any of it, so I am not to judge.

    • that’s what you get if big media companies become too powerful.

      even if it’s clearly a parody or an anthology, they can put so much pressure on you that you don’t stand a chance, unless you’ve got another big player up your sleeve.

      and that’s what i love about the russians: they give everyone else the finger and just do what they want. would be nice if other people could too.

      anyway, those tanya grotter books look interesting. aren’t there any fan translations available?

      • Just so no one is confused:
        Tanya Grotter was stopped from publishing abroad by Joanne Rowling herself (and a lawsuit).
        Porry Gutter never tried to publish abroad (don’t know why, maybe because puns and Russia-related satire are untranslatable). But if they tried, I don’t think a lawsuit would be won against it anyway: it’s clearly not a plagiarism.
        There are other less famous parodies and ‘parodies’.

        So not like there are only two and both are similar and get the same treatment. I don’t blame ER for this misconception, it’s a minor and unavoidable mistake that we’re already used to and should filter out by our mind automatically. We’ve seen much bigger screwups.

        PS:For some reason, the interwebs ate my previous reply. Whatever, this one is better.

  2. I know these peoples. They are born as INVALIDS.

    You are laughing on photos of peoples with PHYSICAL IMPAIRMENTS?

    Very, very good.

    Delete photos if you are still have any grain of humanity.

  3. The error in translation (“Stoned Philosopher” instead of “Stone Philosopher”) is actually quite funny 🙂
    The whole Potter humbug is a result of enough money put into promotion. Rowling is very mediocre and unoriginal graphomaniac.

    • Huh, so it’s *not* a parody?

      Harvard Lampoon got Tolkein with _Bored_of_the_Rings,_ which was a fun read (and featured much ‘stoned philosopher’). Parody is protected and permissible as free speech in the USA (though it doesn’t always work out – check the history of the “Air Pirates” comics later referenced in official Disney productions).

  4. да ребят, вы б фотки убрали – некрасиво получается

    и, кста, стоун профессор – стоунд ет нечто совсем другое …

  5. Do you ever know list of books prohibited from publishing in Holland? Only 2 positins: “Tanya Grotter” by Dmitry Emec and.. “Mein Kampf” by Adolf Hitler.


  6. English translations of the first 3 Tanya Grotter are now in the public domain:

    The rest will be uploaded to as well when they are translated.

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  9. Outstanding site, where did you come up with the info in this blog post? Im glad I found it though, ill be checking back soon to see what other articles you have.

  10. I love Porri Gatter. The first two Porri Gatter books are my favorite series of all time. They’re so hilarious, I´ve read each book at least three times. Too bad they are underrated.
    I am also a Harry Potter fan btw. Porri Gatter is just so different from the original (despite being an obvious parody) in style, that it’s hard to compare the two.

    I also read 10 or 11 Tanya Grotter books when I was a kid. They were very good. Not quite as good as Harry Potter in my opinion.


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