The Kola Superdeep Borehole


The second deepest ever hole drilled, The Kola Superdeep Borehole, can be found in Russia on the Kola Peninsula. The USSR was proud of it as much as it was of its space stations and underwater vehicles. Each of its 12 262 meters (40,230 ft or over 7.6 miles) below the earth’s surface. was a real revelation for scientists, and a number of anomalies and strange things that used to happen during the construction work are still food for sensations.

Drilling began on 24 May 19, 1970. You had to be really lucky to get into the project — only one specialist of a thousand could go to the construction spot and be one of those who were drilling the whole never seen before. All the members of the construction group were given an apartment in Moscow and had a monthly salary equal to a year’s salary of a university professor. There were 16 laboratories working at the borehole at the same time, and the project was headed by the Minister of Geology.



The Kola Superdeep Borehole was frozen in 1994. In 1983 it was already 12 km deep when they decided to stop the digging, and after another 262 meters were dug (it took a decade to “cover” this distance), the project was totally nixed. The official reason for it was a lack of financing, but insiders say that it was because of supernatural things going on inside the hole. The drilling technician assure journalists, that the project was fell-financed by the scientific foundations, and they actually stopped working because “demons started to get from under the ground”.


Distant galaxies happen to be better explored by the humanity than what it has beneath its feet. Getting to the border of the Solar System was easier than to go three kilometers deep. Most of the boreholes couldn’t reach deeper that that because when drills went further, something unbelievable happened – they melt in some super-hot matter (though, its fusion temperature is equal to the Sun one) or were pulled down and the drillers dragged out only ropes. Moreover, from that holes people can hear howling and screams, which can’t be explained by science.



In 1970-ies the scientists got the samples of ground from the Moon, and they found that the moon ground was the same as the rocks taken from the three-kilometer depth. It means that the Moon torn off from the Kola peninsula!


When the drilling machines came up close to the 13-th kilometer, the devices registered strange sounds in the well. Intrigued by this astonishing discovery, workers lowered an extremely heat tolerant microphone, along with other sensory equipment, which recorded sounds of screaming human voices. The workers could swear that it was like “yells of sinners in hell”, and then they detected a powerful explosion of totally unknown nature. In a few days, when the works were resumed, nothing was found inside the well.
The project cost a pretty penny, but the result was really worth it — when the drill reached 9.5 km level, it dug itself into the rocks full of gold and diamonds. The concentration of gold was 80 grams per ton. That was a real treasure, as commercial production can be started if the concentration is just four grams, and the places with ten grams per ton are really few and far between.


So, even if hell really exists and is situated where they were drilling, it is a really gorgeous place, all paved with precious stones and gold, though, rather a hot area to spend the rest of your life.


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  1. It’s a pity the “hell” part is a hoax…
    Check which kinda seems like the hole in Murmansk got mixed up with this one. Typical urban legend.

    • The deepest now belong to Qatar, Al-Shaheen field now holds the title.
      And it seems the people of Qatar share the same Soviet style of create the biggest, largest or greatest things (tallest building, deepest well, largest artificial islands). Soviets never achieve those (well artificial island can be accounted thanks to Oily Rocks, Azerbaijan) but they hold other ¨greatest of the world¨. Largest aircraft, largest helicopter, largest weapons testing area, largest biological weapons testing ground, largest yield nuclear weapon tested and many others, mostly of military nature. Of course largest deep drilling, the few of not military nature

      The Qatar hole is dubbed BD-04A, courtesy of Maersk Oil.

  2. The ‘well to hell’ story is actually about a different well, drilled in Murmansk Oblast, Russia. It is nothing to do with the The Kola Superdeep Borehole.

    Check out this link:

  3. I don’t know why, but this statement “The workers could swear that it was like “yells of sinners in hell”” made me laugh. Nice that you interjected some comedy into this post. lol!

  4. With the microphone quality of the nineties and some freshly opened pressure chambers I guess you could head some “voices”, but for them to be those of humans… also once the pressure dissipates it stops, but then again they’re the scientists.

  5. In fact all those stories about screamings are nonsense and a not so well known hoax. Was created by Finns newspapers at that time and picked up by and american broadcast network. Later was used by Christian denominations as proof of hells existance beneath earth.

    Good post

  6. Kola Superdeep borehole is still the deepest one.
    Qatar borehole is the *longest* one, drilled at acute angle, and so not getting as deep.

  7. Very poorly researched article.

    The ‘well to hell’ story is actually about a completley different borehole, located in the Murmansk Oblast,Russia. It has absolutley nothing to do with the Kola Superdeep Borehole (which incidentally IS the deepest hole ever drilled, not the second deepest).

    Search for ‘Well to hell hoax’ in wikipedia for more info.

  8. Hell is just right below the former Sovietunion? So the Americans were right that the Sovietunion was the “Bastion of Evil”. The CIA made an amazing work to find that out these days 😉

  9. “Moreover, from that holes people can hear howling and screams, which can’t be explained by science.” – They can be explained by science, it’s called a ‘delusion’. There’s no such thing as Jesus or Hell, that’s just crazy talk.

  10. The superdeep borehole was started not only in USSR, but also in other countries.
    The German superdeep borehole KTB located at the town of Windischeschenbach, Bavaria, reached a depth of 9.1 km.
    Similarly as well as the Kola Superdeep Borehole, the boring drilling of KTB was shut-down from technical problems and failures.
    Finnish borehole ODB is smaller, only 2516 meters.

    Maersk Oil BD-04A drilled not in to deep, but in side. It is a horizontal hole.

    Maersk Oil BD-04A drilled not in to deep, but in side

  11. Re: Existence of Hell, and the damned heard from a hole in the ground.

    Is blog owner showing his sense of humor, or is he really that ignorant? Or is it excessive drug addiction?

  12. I suggest all read Mark Cahill’s book “One heartbeat Away.” He writes about some accounts of people who have seen hell with their spiritual eyes when they died and came back to tell the story. There are many more accounts not recorded in books. All this should lead to the recognition that the most accurate account of these “phenomena” is written in the Bible.

  13. about rock from moon being the same as from this place, it doens’t mean the moon came from the Earth. This is a logical fallacy. No one can prove that the moon originated from the Earth. People believe this only because they don’t want to believe in a supernatural origin of the moon, or the whole universe for that matter.

    • Moon rock =Kola rock. The size of the moon appears to the naked eye to equal the size of the sun, so that it eclipses it perfectly from time to time. 2 biggest things in the sky are same size. What are the mathematical chances? just coincidence? I don’t think so.

  14. To me the most interesting part was that drills “were pulled down and the drillers dragged out only ropes” WTF??????

  15. I find myself hanging around this website often. I don’t understand why anyone would criticize its maker. It is very interesting and it gives the rest of the world a window into the private and mysterious land of Russia.

  16. well, Russians get everywhere!! they are great specialists as are the americans. cannot compare…
    just if you know Dante’s Divine comedy, there’s a description of hell and its layers. deeper you go, worse sinners you find.
    or try to hike in mountains, altitude 1200 and more, there starts a real paradise, as 1200 down starts the hell. between these 2 layers is placed Earth, and our world…

    greetings from East 😉

  17. Wow, so many misleading info and even hoaxes. Come on, guys, I love Englishrussia and I just wanted to read about this and all I found is b***hit 🙁

  18. Hell is real,dia some theories dat are beyond humman and scientic reasoning….
    So i dont dispute it,niether do i support it…
    When jesus christ came not everybody belive,
    some will belive while odas wil not…
    Choose ur choice!

  19. This article lacks data like reason for the bore.Was it for minerals..or just to show it could be done? Must have one heck of AC system and power drain to remove all that tonnage of rock.If there is Diamond and gold it will be a first as they require entirely different environments.The article while interesting at first blush is a bore about a


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