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Kursk Railway Station, Moscow Russian

As all big cities Moscow city has railway station too. As a matter of fact that’s not one station there but a whole bunch of it, located in different places in the city and each one serves some particular directions, often the stations named after the direction they serve. For example to go to Ukraine, you can use “Kiev Railway Station” etc.

So today here are some photos from Kursk Railway Station, Moscow. Getting on the train there might be really challenging.

Kursk Railway Station, Moscow Russian 2

Kursk Railway Station, Moscow Russian 3

Kursk Railway Station, Moscow Russian 4

Kursk Railway Station, Moscow Russian 5

photo credits: ok-tet

24 thoughts on “Get into Your Train”

  1. we have the same trains in romania too. thanks god we got rid of the russians, so we can rebuild what they destroyed. we slowly switch to modern tech.

  2. This train is blue with yellow stripe so much be Ukrainian. Russian coaches are painted green.

    Don’t know about Russia, but in Ukraine railway stations look in much better condition than tracks and rail stock. At least in mainlines.

  3. From the looks of it, I reckon the old platform is being replaced with a new one (seen in 3rd pic).
    The whole platform is probably being replaced & extended for the new highspeed trains.

        • Ou and i forgot to add, that there’s no construction going on there. That concrete platform is well known through russia and former ussr and that makeshift fast low grade concrete platform wont be a charm towards the standards. to have high speed trains going across the russia you need to dig up every single railroad and completly destroy any train station that exist in russia because those are most likely 30 years old and standards for high speed trains and stations are completely of the mark. All that requires funds that russia does not have (please be realistic about it).

        • I did once SPb-Moscow by train. The regular one, took about NINE HOURS (I think we travelled mostly at 70kph). Plus I’ve got a trip-gift: a lady with 120kg (at least) that took for her 2/3 of our seat and whole luggage room. 🙁

  4. The “station” is in the massive overhauling project.but i amazed that, there is nothing about caution signs,no guide ways and no temporary platform.

    • are you seriously blind? they are just fixing a small section there that was probably corroded by rain over the years.

  5. Sure that’s Kursk station? Last I was there the platforms were all under a roof and I don’t remember those buildings. I have to say too that Kursk station is the ugliest building on Moscow. Horrid. Hopefully they are bulldozing the whole place.


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