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AK-47 is probably one of the most well-known Russian weaponry piece. They say it became so popular worldwide because of it’s high durability (it can go for years without any kind of cleaning or special maintenance) and extreme simplicity – it has only eight moving parts and can be stripped down in one minute.

In some countries of Africa it can be bought as cheap as $12 for one piece and no any license is needed, so even children armed with the guns. Maybe that’s why some of the countries of this continent have the AK-47 depiction on their coats of arms, like Mozambique on pictures above has it both on its flag and coats of arms.

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Zimbabwe got it too.

Russian AK-47 facts 4

Burkina Faso had it from 1984 till 1997.

Russian AK-47 facts 5

And Eastern Timor got it live as an official symbol starting 2007.

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Then the radical Mid Eastern groups are also well known for AK-47 affection. As we can see Hezbollah has it on its flag above.

Russian AK-47 facts 7

And Osama is known (or was known) for having one or two AK-47s standing somewhere near him during his video appearances.

Those groups are not the only in the modern world who are fond of this epic assault rifle. For example architects of Russia were going to build a AK-47 shaped skyscraper in the home town of its inventor, Mr. Kalashnikov. And by the way, people say he didn’t get any profits upon inventing and introducing this gun just because in Soviet Union authors of such inventions didn’t get any royalties at all.

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But while the Russians are just planning to built something like this, in Egypt they have already built a giant AK-47 monument on the coast of Sinai peninsula.

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Sometimes the AK-47 mania gets really crazy and one can get a gold coated rifle:

Russian AK-47 facts 10

This particular one was owned by Hussein, not Barak but Saddam.

Russian AK-47 facts 11

Or in Afghanistan people put AK-47 on the hand made rugs.

Russian AK-47 facts 12

And probably the most freakish AK-47 mod is Hello Kitty pink gun:

Russian AK-47 facts 13

Also in Russia you can get a silver coin with it:

Russian AK-47 facts 14

But then sometimes even countries that are far from participating of wars and enjoying peaceful living come up with something as strange as a dollar coin with AK-47 (New Zealand).

Russian AK-47 facts 15

Russian AK-47 facts 16

It goes in a neatly shaped box:

Russian AK-47 facts 17

And this is Russian basketball star Alexandr Kirillenko known playing for Utah Jazz. No, he doesn’t own hello kitty AK-47, but he is known to be called “AK-47” by his teammates.

Russian AK-47 facts 18

Then AK-47 is something that is not forgotten by Music industry participants:

Russian AK-47 facts 19

One can get AK-47 shaped guitar.

Russian AK-47 facts 20

Or an MP3 player

And of course, the last but not the least is AK-47 vodka bottles:

Russian AK-47 facts 21

Of course, made in Russia and can be a must for anyone travel there to take home as a symbolic cool gift from the Motherland.

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  1. Russians hate to be reminded that AK-47 is not an all-Russian design, but was in fact based upon German WWII “Sturmgewehr 44”.

    • False. Both BMW and Lada has 4 wheels, one engine e.t.c. But inside they are totally different. 🙂
      AK47 and St44 has different inside construction and similar external view.

    • Some info from the first hands:

      And think again about the probability it was german design.

    • Sturmgewehr 44’s actions is more or less copied from the Russian SVT-40 rifle, the bolt carrier is cams to the bolt in the manner as a SVT-40.

    • Source?

      It was definitely based on the same concept, but as for the actual design I’ve never seen any evidence of that. From what I’ve read they do (as mentioned) have different internal workings to one another.

      • Scrat you are not much of a gentleman… going on the internet and telling everyone how fast your wife can strip…

        And the first assault rifle was Federovs Avtomat. It was tested in service in 1916.
        It is where the A in AK comes from.

        It is like when you talk about a vacuum cleaner you sometimes refer to a very popular maker like Hoover or Lux (as in the Hoover brand or the ElectroLux brand of vaccuum cleaners).
        So the AK-47 and AKM and AK-74 are all examples of Kalashnikovs version of Federovs Avtomat.
        And for many users the AK was a symbol of resistance against outsiders trying to impose their will on them… sometimes those outsiders were the west like in Vietnam and sometimes those outsiders were the Soviets like in Afghanistan. It has been used for good and for bad, but it remains one of the best in its class and for that is deserves respect.

    • The AK-47 is the improved version of the German weapon. It is much less complicated and much more reliable. I found out that may wife can strip and reassemble an AK in 41 seconds.

    • Actually sir, you are wrong. While the concept of the weapon was inspired by the “Sturmgewehr 44”, the AK-47 is totally different in construction, function and operation.

      You do however make a good post, if with a slightly trollish tone.

  2. Токо вот доисторическая “трехлинейка” по пробиваимости покруче будит 🙂

  3. The Germans copied the gas operating system from a soviet SVT-40 to use in the g43. It was a big improvement over the g41.

  4. AK_47 made from best of german and american M_1, from words of Kalachnikiov himself, look on google on it.
    The AK-47 is best described as a hybrid of previous rifle technology innovations: the double locking lugs and unlocking raceway of the M1 Garand/M1 carbine,[7] the trigger and safety mechanism of the John Browning designed Remington Model 8 rifle,[8] and the gas system, layout, and intermediate cartridge of the StG44. Kalashnikov’s team had access to all of these weapons and had no need to “reinvent the wheel”,[9][10] though he denied that his design was based on the German Sturmgewehr 44 assault rifle.[11

  5. How about the variants? The Finnish RK-95 is pretty awesome rifle, it successfully combines the durability, simplicity and serviceability of AK-47 with precision and features of modern rifles. You can even use standard AK magazines in it so if the enemy has AKs, you won’t run out of ammo until they do. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/RK_95_TP

  6. I want to point out that even the Finnish defence forces use a weapon called RK-62 that’s basically an AK-47 with plastic parts instead of the wooden ones.

  7. The AK-47, what a weapon. It has brought more misery and death to the world than any other weapon. Russians are proud of that?

  8. I used to use one in Kosovo Liberation war, against Serbia. Mine was made in Albania. It served me very well over a year!

  9. “stripped down in one minute”? are you a tank crew member? my personal disasembling record is 10 second, while assembling in 14 seconds. one minute is for those who lost his right hand and left eye.

  10. You can buy one for $20 in Afghanistan but a registered Class 3 (full auto) AK-47 costs $10,000 in the USA thanks to the 1986 Federal Machine Gun Ban.

  11. Why do you even bother to read this site if you hate everything Russian? The truth is there are very little original ideas in the world, and in the gun industry the ideas are routinely cloned. Even Abrams Tanks use British armour. However, the AK is the most popular assault riffle in the world for a good reason, which is reliability. And that’s that.

  12. So, it’s on coats of arms because it’s supposedly so cheap, it’s a children’s toy, not as a representation of independence wars, where they were used, right? Great deduction, there…

  13. Only in USA: “Buy pick-up truck, get AK 47 free” :DDD


  14. The AK-47 is a disastrous disease of a weapon. It was designed with near total disregard for life. If it jammed then fine we send another one carried by the next in line to step over the body of the previous soldier. It was designed to be above all cheap and easy to mass produce. This was a strategy for spreading the primary disease of revolution and oppression. When you have armed half you own people and killed the other half you keep the factories running and simply start exporting the disease to neighbors. It is a mass produced centrally planned weapon for a mass oppressed ideology. a perfect fit.
    The design uses stampings and parts that are best made in very very large volumes. Initial costs for dies and equipment are high but the unit costs are near zero. it does not have to be cleaned since the tolerances on such stampings are necessarily poor so the mechanisms must be made tolerant and loose.

    This cancer has spread to the worst parts of the world as evidenced by the flags posted above (or is it that where it spread those countries became the most violent and oppressive?) and will go down in history as the vilest invention of mankind. worse than land mines or atomic bombs. the name AK-47 will stand in testament to man’s greatest shame. manufactured death.

    • Why don’t you shift blame to the Italians for the holocaust and Mongolians for Nanjing Massacre? Just accept the fact that the humans are dysfunctional people and you are one of them.

  15. Being from,this part,the southern sudan which ,ve been very famous for the war that was fought here,the AK 47 ,ve really left aclear sign of its trifing effectiveness to all the parties who ,ve been fighting this war.The designner deserve arecognition by the Russian government.Although it has left some areas of the world in total desistor like that of Somalia and in most other parts of the world.In an artistic contribution,Mr.Kalashnkov deserves arecognition from from the Russian state.


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