Flood after raining

It is common that after massive raining capital of Latvia – Riga – is quite literally under water. Middle of June wasn’t exception.







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  1. sopposedly its a very poor country but on these photos i can see many really expensive cars where do they get money for them weird in my country i can only see porsche’s i even saw a ferrari hehe i got to go to russia

    • lol, before some years, Latvians taken much credits in banks, so they can afford expensive cars. it was at ”fat years” when all who was a bit smart, can make easy money, now these years are gone but we still got these cars. for example, my ex-classmate took brand new porsche cayenne turbo S, when he was only 18 years old, only because he was working as a builder, and builders got very big, i say disproportionate payments for they work, etc etc

    • We are all very rich here in Latvia 😀
      Two years ago we could get a loan on housing up to 120% of its market value.
      A lot of people got speculative… well Americans would call that business.

      But honestly, those cars are either bank owned – the guy driving it is probably paying loan for it. And can’t afford to by new tires, you know, 215/30 are expensive 😀

      Or the guy driving it knows the right people to move around nice amounts of money.

      Simple as that.

    • It’s probably one taking these pictures.

      Same as Ukraine, Latvia IS NOT the part of Russia, so I have no idea why do these pics appear on this blog.

  2. How come you guys never post pictures on the rampant murders of activists and journalists in your country? I like the blog but it’s all fluff.

  3. If you want I have a billion pictures of yesterday’s flooding to show you, I was there! I love latvians when they say their country is not poor… LMFAO!!! Latvia FTW!

  4. This summer, indeed, is not worth a damn all over Central Europe.
    BTW, how long will it take for Russians to accept the fact that Latvia has nothing to do with Russia any more (except, maybe, for the Russian minority – the cockoos planted there by Stalin?)
    I do not see any expensive cars on the pictures, they are quite “normal” cars affordable for everybody with an average income where I live.

  5. Author claims that these pictures come from Latvia. As far as I know Latvia is not part of Russia. Latvia is a part of European Union.


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