Russian Sakhalin

Russian Sakhalin

The guy who made this photos lives in some city in Sakhalin region of Russia, the one that is near Japan. He didn’t expect his photos would get popular when he just wandered across his town and made them, primarily to show to his friends.

Later the link was passed from person to person and it’s still not very clear what caused them to achieve so much fame, maybe you can get a clue by seeing this photo series?

Russian Sakhalin 1

Russian Sakhalin 2

Russian Sakhalin 3

Russian Sakhalin 4

Russian Sakhalin 5

Russian Sakhalin 6

Russian Sakhalin 7

Russian Sakhalin 8

Russian Sakhalin 9

Russian Sakhalin 10

Russian Sakhalin 11

Russian Sakhalin 12

Russian Sakhalin 13

Russian Sakhalin 14

Russian Sakhalin 15

Russian Sakhalin 16

Russian Sakhalin 17

Russian Sakhalin 18

Russian Sakhalin 19

Russian Sakhalin 20

Russian Sakhalin 21

Russian Sakhalin 22

Russian Sakhalin 23

Russian Sakhalin 24

Russian Sakhalin 25

Russian Sakhalin 26

Russian Sakhalin 27

Russian Sakhalin 28

Russian Sakhalin 29

Russian Sakhalin 30

Russian Sakhalin 31

Russian Sakhalin 32

Russian Sakhalin 33

Russian Sakhalin 34

Russian Sakhalin 35

Russian Sakhalin 36

Russian Sakhalin 37

Russian Sakhalin 38

Russian Sakhalin 39

Russian Sakhalin 40

Russian Sakhalin 41

Russian Sakhalin 42

Russian Sakhalin 43

Russian Sakhalin 44

Russian Sakhalin 45

Russian Sakhalin 46

Russian Sakhalin 47

Russian Sakhalin 48

Russian Sakhalin 49

Russian Sakhalin 50

Russian Sakhalin 51

Russian Sakhalin 52

Russian Sakhalin 53

Russian Sakhalin 55

Russian Sakhalin 56

Russian Sakhalin 57

Russian Sakhalin 58

Russian Sakhalin 59

Russian Sakhalin 60

Russian Sakhalin 61

Russian Sakhalin 62

Russian Sakhalin 63

Russian Sakhalin 64

Russian Sakhalin 65

Russian Sakhalin 66

Russian Sakhalin 67

Russian Sakhalin 68

Russian Sakhalin 69

Russian Sakhalin 70

Russian Sakhalin 71

Russian Sakhalin 72

Russian Sakhalin 73

Russian Sakhalin 74

Russian Sakhalin 75

Russian Sakhalin 76

Russian Sakhalin 77

Russian Sakhalin 78

Russian Sakhalin 79

Russian Sakhalin 80

Russian Sakhalin 81

Russian Sakhalin 82

Russian Sakhalin 83

Russian Sakhalin 84

Russian Sakhalin 85

Russian Sakhalin 86

Russian Sakhalin 87

Russian Sakhalin 88

Russian Sakhalin 89

Russian Sakhalin 90

Russian Sakhalin 91

Russian Sakhalin 92

Russian Sakhalin 93

Russian Sakhalin 94

Russian Sakhalin 95

Russian Sakhalin 96

Russian Sakhalin 97

Russian Sakhalin 98

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77 thoughts on “Russian Sakhalin”

      • Is there no gas on Sakhalin?
        If not, what are EXXON, SHELL, BP and Gazprom doing on this remote island?
        There is HUGE amount of Oil and Gas here.
        Therefore SHELL constructed the first LNG facility in Russia and laid down more than 600km pipeline here, on Sahalin

  1. I do not see anything special. Just an average Russian city with bad ‘roads’, dirt everywhere, crumbling buildings and gloomy people.

  2. Decaying infrastructure, poor people without money, trash everywhere, lots of potholes… that’s what happens when a country changes political systems very rapidly. Hopefully, it will become a nice, clean, shiny happy place in the future.

  3. WOW! Extremely interesting. Very poignant collection. Let’s hope they can rebuild and reestablish the pride they apparently once had in their community.

    • no doubt, if you put those pics on 2ch, people are gonna complain what “the dirty russians did to our nice island”…

  4. Moscow is the same, except for a few areas in the center. Window dressing is BIG in all countries of the former Eastern Block. Show the world we are doing great!! Behind the polished facade there is of course decay and gloom and rot. Most of it stemming from poverty, wrong mentality [it is not my problem!!!] and most of it the result of corruption. Corruption of the mind and the behaviour.

    In a way, like the Russian brides in the before and after pictures in this blog

  5. The weather and the sun light looks kinda nice. The city needs a clean up big time, but with the mountains in the background, it could be a very nice place.

  6. all on this pics were result of corruption…
    but now most of this places looks much better

    PS: the island never belong to japan, and will not!

    • You might want to check this out. You seem to be a little “light” on your history…

  7. Look, there were neglected buildings, but northern cities all over the world tend to look bad in those days when the snow starts to melt, as the the thaw devastates roads and reveals the build of litter over the winter concealed by the snow.

    Big deal!

  8. Yo! Give a god-damn hoot! Don’t M***Fing polute M****Fer!!!

    It look just like my hood in New Jersey except there aint no brothers hangin’ on the street!

  9. Reminds me of my hometown.. very lovely photos, I love the “mood” what you get from seeing them.. I’d like to visit that town once.

  10. I think that these pictures really show the best and the worst.
    The infastructure is in such a bad way, crumbling buildings, potholes (whoa), but did you notice there are trees in almost every picture? Where money is not available, homemade fixes were implemented like the homemade wooden bridge.

    These pictures were also taken the the early spring, the time of hope in the north, while your surroundings look horrible as beercan and dog poop melt out of the snow. Sweet and Sour.
    Thanks for posting these, love the site.

  11. We have some bad places in Australia but that is one depressing photo run, i wonder what the suicide rate is there. Russians seem patriotic, but not proud.

  12. It seems that those Post-Soviet people prefer to drink away the problems rather tan try to solve them PROPERLY. Well, as a Russian myself I can only prove that it takes a lot of determination for them to complete anything what they’ve started.

  13. I’m really suprised by how much trash is just laying around everywhere. Just picking up the trash would make a world of difference. I think a fellow already mentioned that they keep it cleaner during the summer, so I suspect a lot of this must be trash that gets covered in snow all winter long, and then in the spring thaw: suprise! Trash!

    Let’s hope things improve. And I bet they will.

  14. You are very strange people…Give hole Africe to Japan, almost African countries leaves bad…You tinking only of good looking City, do you even imagine how Locals will leave with Japanese?

  15. The photoes are old and early spring it’s the worst period there.
    “one day Jesus was walking with his followers, and they passed by the carcass of a dog.
    “The followers said, ‘How this dog stinks!’
    “But Jesus said, ‘How white are its teeth!’”
    The vision of the World depend on what the photographer wants to see…

    • Don’t talk so much. You must will come and look, that people love there Island… I love Sakhalin.

  16. Hi, everybody! This place actually not as bad as you think. And i am telling you this not only because i live on this island, many foreigners who already left this island, miss it a lot. People who never been hear can not really judge how bad place is. And YOU are not this person who can tell “Give island to Japanese!”. Here is lot’s of russians who love their motherland!

    • да ладно тебе будь умней по-сути то всё так и есть, обосрались и обосрались…

  17. Хм…Сахалин еще рай по сравнению с Курилами и с Курильским БЫДЛО…

  18. aha… so if someone takes few bad pictures of you and your body parts you will not be able to prove that you are not ugly? :))))))))))) stop looking at places and give advices to others – look at the mirror and do something about your face and body, look inside your soul and do something to it as well, wash your own dishes and mind your own business – as now you are tooooo faaar from perfect…

  19. It was published on one of Russian websites and I’m agreed that the pics look awful, but trust me, as a local person that lives there, it all is not that bad as it seems

  20. I live in Wisconsin in the USA. After the winter snow thaws MOST cities here look like these pictures. The expansion and melt of ice destroys many roads and the thaw of 5 months of snow reveals 5 months of garbage that has been thrown out.

    It really doesn’t look that different than any northern USA city.

  21. Snow causes many damages, to constructions etc. And in Sakhalin, it snows A LOT. No wonder why after the meltdown, the city looks like a big bin

  22. Ok, I’m from there.
    Old pics, though, but nothing to deny. Many things have changed, but still much remains untouched. I wish our city hall would have it all along the corridors so that clerks and decision-makers see it every morning.

    In fact, the city is still not so bad, early spring is the worst period, depicted there. The location is still awesome and mountains around are just great. No one is going to give it to Japan, because it simply does not belong to them. As for the peace treaty they claim to sign, when Russia gives some of the islands, – it’s just trash. There is never a need for a peace treaty with the defeated state, when they signed their loss.

  23. It’s a godforsaken place… Now I know it’s better to visit in winter time, ‘cos snow covers all the garbage and ice paves the roads.

  24. Well I spent 4 months in Florida. I saw graffitti everywhere. Went on “holiday” to California.I actually saw Mexicans shooting at Blacks. It seems they want to drive the criminals out using criminal ways. Now I understand Florida and two other states are going to get the benefit of 80,000 gallons of oil a day covering everywhere. And the clever ones have no idea how to stop it.

    If pot-holes stop cars it might not be such a bad thing. Stops people becoming fat like Americans.

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  26. I love the pictures and yes this is typical of most northern cities in the spring ; all the garbage becomes visible.
    The people are first rate and the women are down right HOT.
    I can appreciate that the blood lines are still pure in this part of Russia because some of girls from this region could walk any fashion show runway anywhere in the world.
    Great area of Russia , lots of potential with oil and gas work that will in time translate into a higher standard of living for everyone here.

  27. Nothing too special – lots of cities in Russia look like this. And not only in Russia. Check out some third world countries, and you will find much worse. Actually, many places in Brooklyn / NYC look about the same… However, there is an upside too. Try living in “beautiful” fake American suburbs – green grass everywhere, everything is clean… That’s about it, though. Not much to do. Oh, there is shopping also…. Huuuuuge stores full of out of style clothes… Amazingly boring, have to drive huge distances to get anywhere, empty streets, lonely people – feels very artificial. So enjoy what you have guys and look “below the surface deeper things.”

  28. Pigs always try to find some dirt! I was born in Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk and lived there about twenty years. Yes it is not paradise but also it is not so ugly like at the pictures. You can easily check it with goolge:

    also I can say that Sakhalin island was never belong to Japans. They only occupied it for 40 years after first WW and they lost it after WW2.


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