25 thoughts on “Helibridge”

  1. It looks very very good, but I do think it is fake.
    After the chopper has passed under the bridge and comes back towards the camera, it is moving much too fast.

  2. As fake as these two:


    It’s funny when pro cameraman tries to film like a amateur, you still can feel the great composition. You saw how he zoomed in when the helicopter appeared at the other side of the bridge? That’s a damn good reaction! 🙂

    But well done anyway…

  3. Look at the shadow casted by the chopper on the water surface and on the shadows dropped by the bridge structures when camera pans across the bridge.

    They fall in completely different directions.

    Besides, waves and splashes on the water surface form a periodic pattern.

    It’s rendered.

  4. It is fake, the bridge is half a block from my house. This never hapepened and it is absolutely forbidden to fly underneath the bridges. In fact flying anywhere over the city if forbidden unless it is a government or a police helicopter which it is not. If you are in st.petersburg you will notice there is absolutely no air traffic over the city. It is strictly forbidden.

  5. It is extremely fake.

    First of all, if any of you ever tried to fly a model helicopter under a ceiling, you’d know that it will get sucked in by a vortex very easy and crash. Same thing goes for flying under a very low bridge.

    Second, when the helicopter comes out from under the bridge and flies overhead, it accelerates far too quickly. That old MI-8 or whatever it was could never do that. Even the new helicopters couldn’t. That’s like jet plane acceleration.

  6. Это опасно, но очень захватывающе=)
    Странно что машины не останавливались=/

  7. fake :-/
    Notice as it emerges on the other end – they couldn’t render it through the bridge bariers
    Apart from that – excelent work :-O


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