The Building Shower

Russian house got showered

Sometimes the buildings need showers too.

In this case the underground high pressure water pipes come in very handy. When they become too worn out they demand some attention and complain about this to houses in a furious fountain way.

There is a video inside too.

Russian house got showered 2

Those are two different cases which happened recently in the country, in both of them, the residents of the buildings became quite scared when the water fountain wanted to pay them a visit through the window.

Russian house got showered 3

Look at how clean and tidy the front of the house is now.

Russian house got showered 4

12 thoughts on “The Building Shower”

  1. First!!!!

    I don’t want to imagine how the apartments which got the full load of water through their windows look like now.

  2. Imposting troll STFU!!!!! I mean it!!! You give everybody a bad name and are insult to human and russian intellect!!! Your comments prove that Russian education is degrading, that our mental state is feeble and awkward, and that we are laughing stock of global peoples!! STFU!!!

  3. All the photos are taken in Riga, Latvia, not in Russia as you could understand from text. Judging by language people are speaking in the video it’s not shot in Russia, too.
    In Riga they were testing the central heating system and obviously there was a leak.

  4. Green water = District Heating water…it’s green because then people know what it is….. se aiheuttaa syöpää mutta onneksi kukaan ei tiedä


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