Russian Stealth Jet

Russian stealth plane

Now Russia has its own stealth jet bomber. They promise to have it here already this year and start producing it in series starting 2010.

They tell that the design of the plane is still kept secret and those sketches are the only clue that people have, but as it is known it would be a decent F-22 competitor.

Russian stealth plane 1

Russian stealth plane 2

Russian stealth plane 3

Russian stealth plane 4

Russian stealth plane 5

Russian stealth plane 6

Russian stealth plane 7

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  1. These pictures show two different planes: The first ones are artist impressions of the Sukhoi 47, the other plane is unknown to me.
    more info on the Su 47 can be found here:

    • The other plane appears to be the PAK-FA of sukhoi T-50.

    • There are 3 different planes rendered:
      1 and 5;
      2, 3 and 4;
      6, 7 and 8;

      Second is based off the Su-47, but it’s not it (nose, etc.);
      Neither of the other has much to do with the T-50 (wings, nose, etc.);

      They should hire him, btw (before some americans do…).

    • Sure.

      The f22 rocks huh ? It was blasted by a basic shoulder bazooka in KOSOVO./ Go figure, was it worth billions of USD to develop smth like that ? Nope.
      And f22 won’t be used/built again…ever

      • That was a F-117. And as anyone who knows anything about combat will tell you. Any plan can be brought down by the golden BB. Do you have any idea how many missions the F-117 flew of Iraq (which had some of the best AA coverage of any location on the planet) without losing a single plane? But yeah, you got one thing right. The F-117 is being retired because the US now has superior planes. AKA the F22 and B2 spirit.

  2. Наиболее важный вопрос заключается в том, сколько бутылок водки помещается в кабине?

  3. Looks good and I hope Sukhoi does go ahead and produce them.

    The export market would be massive for nations that currently can’t purchase high tech American aircraft like the F22 or Apache helicopters for example will be salivating in the anticipation of getting their hands on one of these.

    Example nations interested would most likely be nations that already use Sukhoi hardware like India, Venezuela,Syria, Libya, Malaysia & even Indonesia would also probably fancy a few just for national prestige sake. Even the China would be interested if their own Chinese built & designed stealth aircraft does not get off the ground!

  4. #4 LoL: really very similar
    #5 RK: the same get into my mind when I saw last picture 😀 I just forgot the name of the game.

  5. SU-37 even has compeer F-22 and according to some indicators (flexibility) exceeds that of the PAK FA to say … this country needs a plane that is that Russia is hi-tech

  6. I agree with Kirov, there is no need for such military toy when there are higher priorities. Even the US ended up with their F22 program frozen. Just because economy is not in shape and there is no actual need for this weapon.

    • First of all, no you don’t agree with the real kirov :).

      These projects must continue. Simple minds don’t understand that if such things were stopped (and the fake Kirov greatly exaggerated the problems) the economy would just turn worse, not better.

  7. Look closely at the pictures. They depict at least three actual models, not just one. They are just sketches of airframes.

    • Heh.. that’s how good the russian are, the US only has one model of real stealth fighter (no, the uninspiring F35 doesn’t count as a real stealth fighter), but Russia has Three !


      • I’m just adding to the troll.. but you know nothing of the f35 to call it uninspiring. Unless you’re looking at it objectively as a piece or art.

        And as far as military programs as a waste of time, you all don’t know how the economy,government, or engineering firms really work.

      • I don’t understand your logic. Having 3 pictures of stealth fighters is better than having one that is produced and proven?

  8. Oh my God, Russians are so poor they cannot even afford… actually that looks like a pretty nice plane.

  9. Just see how Americans are doing in Iraq or Afghanistan with F22 and you understand these are worthless in front of today’s threats. Better invest in humint (and roads and infrastructures :D)…

  10. All of this is rumors. Russia is capable of building such an aircraft but has little need for it. I doubt anything will be shown at MAKS this year.

  11. Wait I see two planes, is it a tapered wing or a swept-forward with BOTH A STANDARD AND CANARD ELEVATOR WTF, or is it THE SAME PLANE WITH A HINGED WING?????? No, couldn’t be.

    Oh okay its two planes. Why are you all saying its an F-22 rip its not really.

  12. This is not a waste of money. Even if Russia did not care about its self-defense and security, developing those jets is is a good _investment_ because the last 15 years or so, the development of Russian fighter jets was essentially self-financing. China and India as well as other countries had been spending a lot of money on Russia Su’s and Migs, and this was generating a lot of revenue. Russia is now the second largest exporter of military aircraft, after USA.

    • Russia desperately needs to put their act together when it comes to delivered quality and maintenance/spare parts availability, specially in military items – that’s what it needs to do if it wants to stay in business – every russian expert will tell you that (and their current costumers…).

    • The problem with saying “this was a good investment” is that there are better investments out there. If you have to pay $5 for a factory that pays for itself plus $2 (so $7 total), that’s great, except the return doesn’t come right away. If, on the other hand, that money can be invested in something that produces more money over that time, then it’s worth more.

  13. I heard this super jet will be able to do anything that is required to defend Russia. It will defeat any aircraft, bomb a whole tank division, dive and sink Russian nuclear submarines, beat up new recruits, plant potatoes, check visa registrations, differentiate between Georgians and Ossetians while attacking grouns targets, hack Estonian computers and all this without ever being noticed. Rumours have it it is even able to swich off the gas to Ukraine.

  14. America leads the way in war.America created the atomic bomb and a former Los Alamos employee sold the information for it to the USSR.
    America creates the space shuttle and the USSR creates the Buran space shuttle.
    America creates stealth aircraft and now….the Russian Federation has it.
    There is peace between Russia and America,but the 2 countries will always be on high alert with each other!

    • Russia copies everything from america.My country can not invent anything because most russians are always drunk on vodka!

  15. Da, pravil’no,naher vam stroit’ dorogi, vot i jivete v takoy jope bojas’ cto kto-to vas zahochet zavoevat’. Ti sebe drugoy vopros zaday – naher vi komu-nibud’ nujni :))))

  16. One difference between Russian and US military jets – US jets need people to clear airstrip of any debris before they can safely take off – not great during conflict. Russian designers understand this so give their jets the ability to pull air from above wing during take-off.
    To people who think that US always make better aeroplanes – Sukhoi 26,29 and 31 say otherwise…

  17. Who are this “they”/ Webmaster is a Russian man I guess. But he tell from the point of foreigner. Еще бы написал: Путин обещает сделать самолет…

  18. Sukhoi plans to release a first generation Russian stealth attack aircraft. Stealth technology is new to Sukhoi and are already experiencing problems disguising the engine nozzle radar signature, which is very capable of being detected by American radar resolutions. These problems will be addressed in later versions. Russian tactics plan to approach low level and head on to enemy radar. Additional problems exist with electronics which currently do not compete with the known capabilities of the American F-22. Issues to be addressed in later stealth versions, if they are not solved in time for first version release. The American F-22 preserves its stealth signature by quickly hiding it’s air-to-air missiles bay after each deployment. Currently, the Sukhoi stealth prototype can only conceal air-to-ground missiles in the storage bay underneath the aircraft. There are many things to be learned, but Russia is making a strong attempt to make their first stealth aircraft a success.

  19. Actually, the American F-22 program has been canceled.
    As goes the F-22, so goes the last few good jobs
    America once had (the ones that could not be outsourced).

    To address the national technology superiority subject,
    it should be understood that only foreigners on H-1B visas
    are currently designing advanced US defense technology.
    Unlike the US, Russia actually can keep a defense secret,
    since all their engineers are Russian by law.

    With AIPAC in control of US defense strategy, perhaps
    a strong Russian military is not so bad after all.

  20. Russians could first build submarines that don’t kill it’s own crew and tanks that don’t set themselves on fire, before creating something so advanced as stealth aircraft.

  21. What good are all of these toys if Russia never uses them against the evil forces of the USA?
    Maybe soon Russia will join the NATO and be used to protect the global interests of the USA and the blood thirsty western countries; since israel is the prototype the west is using to check on its non-ethical ethics, and how israel can get away with all the massacres of the innocents and vast destruction around the Middle East, then one should expect to see Russia being used to do the dirty work on behalf of the Americans in different areas of the world as an ally and a puppet..
    I believe it is much cheaper for the Russian political mafia to give more vodka to its people and stay away from a stealth fighter technology they will never need.

  22. Everyone who is miffed that the Russians “stole” this from the US needs to do an Internet search for “Horten-229” …

    Guess what? The US didn’t invent Stealth aircraft technology.

    It was invented in 1943. By … Germany.

    Nope, not kidding at all. Look it up. Horten-229.

  23. Actually the photos with the outward cantered tail fins looks like a Northrop YF-23, which lost the “flyoff” bid against the Lockheed YF-22. Google it and see for yourself. The photo with the forward swept wings and chine elevons appears to be a photoshopped merge between the US X-19 and XB-71 Valkyrie. These photos all appear to be faked…. Russia could do better on a design than this. Sukhoi has made some of the worlds greatest aircraft and does not need to copy American designs to continue doing so.

  24. I was in Moscow before 36 years, trained as well as a fighter Pilot.

    I Love Russia, I hope you to be again the world’s most powerful….

  25. It is very simple. America designs it. Russia make a cheap low quality version for their own domestic distribution. Then China makes a cheaper version of the Russian version.

    Space Shuttle

    All have exact copy as a Russian version. I aplaud the Russian ingenuity. You save a lot of research and development money.

    Persoanlly, I think you should give up making it and just buy it from America. Your Navy is getting it’s ships from France. Why not continue the trend?

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  27. Hi,

    Try to see things from the other side – nazis did’t invaded US, and while US lost total number of 418,500 people, USSR lost 23,954,000. Now you see they did not lost just people, but most of cities were in ruins after war. Living in Germany was as bad or worse, than everywhere else. Thats why it was so hard here, also Stalin made it even worse.

  28. The pictures look really great. Russia is a one of worlds top military player. It has tradition of making world class weapons.

  29. they look awesome, but why argue? wat r the chances of it being built, and if they do, make its armour out of diamond, if you have some open circuits, like a toaster, you can heat the armour from the inside, so if you r a good enough pilot you can crash into other jets and slice them apart, or make a missle like dat, talk about armour piercing bullets

    • Umm, you know what would happen to a fighter that hit another plane to “slice them apart”? It would go into and uncontrollable spiral.

  30. saludos a todos, yo creo se han olvidado de la historia, quienes fueron los primeros en el espacio, y los primeros en mantener una estacion espacial permanente y muchos logros mas que los gringos solo han logrado seguir y actualmente de que modulo depende la estacion espacial internacional jajajajaja pues de los amigos rusos.

  31. entonces la pregunta seria quien a copiado a quien, a los rusos se les robaron por los espia de ese entonces en la gueera fria los planos del avion que todos conocimos como concord claro este era diferente y los rusos lo habian creado para varias modalidades de ataque, por desgracia en la presentacion que realizaron tanto este sufrio un accidente y se estrello, pero el diseño era RUSO.

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