Over Stocked

Russian cars

That’s a photo of some random airport near St. Petersburg. A few years ago it was looking like this.

What’s going on there let’s see inside:

Russian cars 1

Now it’s stiffly stuffed with unsold imported foreighn cars.

Russian cars 2

Car sellers say that they got too much overstocked with this inventory and now they simply use all free territories available to pack them with thousands of cars.

Some say it’s not too good for cars to stand at open air under the Russian weather which is far not stable.

19 thoughts on “Over Stocked”

  1. This is the area 51 of Russia.The Fords and Chevys are a diversion to cover up their top secret experamental stealth mig aircraft!

  2. If you look on Google maps or Google Earth you can see some of the cars, I guess by the time the satellite flew over they hadn’t finished parking all of them.

    Chrysler used to do this (store cars outdoors in Michigan, then sell them off before the end of the fiscal year). Even in that relatively moderate weather they needed to do maintenance on the cars before they were sold.

    I think indeed these cars aren’t going to be in too good shape if they’re left to sit all winter.

  3. Comrades,

    In the Glorious USSA this month we produced 10,001 tons of Hummers & other SUVs.

    This is a new record for our Glorious Nation!

    Soon, we will be paving the insides of every house to make room for more SUVs!

    Seriously, the government in the US has given GM more money so they can keep making more Hummers & Escalades even though nobody is buying them. Could some of you guys come teach our Congress about USSR history? Please?

  4. it’s in “Smol’naya”. googleing it without the ‘ gives you nothing

    can’t wait to see the satelites to actualise the pic on googlemaps … and to see stealers and stalker run for these cars … 😀


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