The Wild Russian Pet

Russian pet

In Russia sometimes they dare to have wild animals like pets.

There are no any law regulations on what pets you can keep and what you can’t, no PETA, no need to pick up your little friend’s poo in special bags. You can walk with your pet anywhere on the street or public park, no any single “no pets allowed” signs outside. Some call it chaos others call it freedom, you decide yourself.

Meanwhile some photos of such wild pet living with people in just a small regular flat in big multistored building.

Russian pet 1

Russian pet 2

Russian pet 3

Russian pet 4

Russian pet 5

Russian pet 6

Russian pet 7

Russian pet 8

Russian pet 9

The cat on the pictures is so called Fishing Cat, you can read more on those at Wiki. It’s not very common in Russia, and might have been brought from some distant parts like Tajikistan by Russian soldier.

Russian pet 10

Russian pet 11

Russian pet 12

Russian pet 13

Russian pet 14

Russian pet 15

Russian pet 16

Russian pet 18

Russian pet 19

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      • don’t be like that. if the animal’s happy then it’s free to live wherever, and that cat looks pretty dang ecstatic to be living with those people in their home.

        • Awesome! I Hope the good folk can adopt one of the oposite sex and have them breed. Magnificent. Predatory, yet Friendly, Congrats my friends you super-sized the cat. Hope you seehave the oppurtunity to share this gift with the world, and get rich in the process. Cheers From Canada

    • Actually the post has been edited since the time I posted. The type wasn’t mentioned when I posted. Additionally, one superb photograph is missing, link to which is provided by Andrius.

    • It’s impossible to farm predators, they’ll all eat/ attack each other. What do you get when you put a bunch of spiders in a box for a week? One really big fat spider at the end

    • What nipples? @ Satyajit

      But yeah, the cat is probably safer in a home. I guess a preferable place would be somewhere in a cabin in a northern climate, that way it could go inside and would have places to go, but would not often run into other hunters or many animals said cat would be prey to. (If any. XD)

  1. The Fishing Cat (Prionailurus viverrinus) is a medium-sized cat whose disjunct global range extends from eastern Pakistan through portions of India, Nepal and Sri Lanka, throughout Bangladesh and Mainland Southeast Asia to Sumatra and Java.

  2. Guy does not look too smart. Quite silly. Considering he is approx. 22-24 years of age. Russians age fast and die young. Only women live long. And fishing cat!!!

  3. lol PETA would have a fuss seeing this. wouldn’t suprise me if they have a van driving around in Russia ready to kidknapp it.

  4. “freedom” has nothing to do with owning a wild cat. Sad that some in Russia think this is what it means to be ‘free’.

  5. I thought it’s a cat, then I found out it’s not in next a few photo. It’s fxxking dangerous to raise that in flat,well, but in Africa there’re more wild animals been raised around human. But you don’t know when they’ll bite u to death…

  6. The Fishing Cat (Prionailurus viverrinus) is a medium-sized cat whose disjunct global range extends from eastern Pakistan through portions of India, Nepal and Sri Lanka, throughout Bangladesh and Mainland Southeast Asia to Sumatra and Java.

  7. this isn’t cute or funny, its just sad. Those kinds of animals aren’t meant to live in a small apartment or any kind of enclosed space for that matter. i feel sorry for it.

  8. I know we shouldn’t condone endangered animals living as pets but he/she looks very happy and the fact he/she’s allowed to hunt live fish (in the bath!) is probably a step ahead of many zoos.

  9. Fishing cats DO NOT BELONG in apartments. They need to be protected, absolutely, in their natural habitats. The world needs much better ethic toward ALL cats. Love, respect, protect, and admire them. But do not attempt to domesticate nondomestic species!

  10. I wonder, do the neighbors ever complain? Note the alarmed expression on the black and white cat when his wild friend licks him.

  11. @w ( comment 14 ), most Cats in india are dead. The rest will go extinct soon. You will dogs here right from the moment You step off the plane. Literally, at least one dog crossing the airstrip.

    Welcome to Bangalore, capital city of Doggia.

  12. It’s only a cat. Bigger. And eat chickens. And fishes.

    Wild or domestic, to live confined is the same thing. You have, in truth, to keep then entertained. Any kind of domestic pet. If you don’t, they try to entertain themselves, and in this case, something can happen.

    They sure take good care of the animal, and if they put a fish on the tub for him and get a live chicken for him, they sure are trying hard to take good care of him.

    Way better to have a domestic cat and treat him bad, with poor care and minimal food.

    I think they care better than many zoos around the world. If the animal was discontent, for sure he had attacked the couple and left away. If they live with him for a long time, the cat accept it.

    Leave them alone, people. Don’t want to raise a wild animal? So then don’t. Worst things happen around the world, go talk about children starving in Ethiopia, by example.

  13. Hmm, scary-looking cat. Never saw one like that before. I must thank my friends at for posting the link to here in a thread. 🙂

  14. There are laws (if u don’t know about them it doesn’t mean they don’t exist), but there are people who don’t seem to care. Anyway, they are taking a very high risk keeping wild animal in the house. And don’t be worried, the “kitty” itself will take very good care that he is treated well by the people.
    p.s. they were passing the law to forbid bull-terrier dogs in Russia because of many death-attacks. don’t be so naive. there are common “pets” which are designed by people to kill and do it successfully. fish cat’s not so bad in the case)

  15. Hi,
    Great article ! I will definitely visit your website again and read more when I have more time.

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  16. What is the problem, here? Sure, it’s endangered, but at least keeping it as a pet is not endangering it. If he’s not fixed, then he can mate. If he is fixed, then he can’t, but at least he isn’t going to be killed in the wild. He can have a long and healthy life, eating whenever he wants and giving his owners joy. Calm the hell down, people. The good treatment of the cat is what’s important.

  17. He seems to be well maintained, and in my opinion thats all that matters. Don’t be whining about “they’ll lose their hunting instincts.” because although dogs and small house hold cats just happens to be domesticated doesn’t mean that they do not have their natural instincts. A dog can still hunt and care for itself in the wild, and so can a house cat. I would love to have a fishing cat as a pet though. ^^ As long as your furry family members are happy and well cared for then its all good. 🙂

  18. Well as long as they don’t try to keep bears and tigers in their houses, I think they’re okay. In all seriousness, they seem to be treating this cat very well and it gets along with their housecat. They appear to be aware that it is still a wild breed, and they’re giving it enrichment activities like the chicken and the fish, to keep it entertained and happy. I don’t see anything wrong with the situation.

  19. since we don’t know the circumstances of this wild cat’s coming to live with the family we should reserve judgment. case in point: i knew a family who bought a kitten at a pet shop in florida that developed into a wild central american cat. what were they supposed to do, give it to the zoo? by this point the animal had been socialized and tamed (as much as it could be).

    clearly the people who are this fishing cat’s family provide proper nutrition and keep its native instincts sharp by letting it catch and eat a fish etc.

  20. Russians are russians they will do what they want. It is just that simple if a law gets in the way, as it often does after all everything in russia is illegal it is just a matter of wheather they are going to enforce it, they will “come to an understanding” that involves “bopkie” money. You cant change them so dont waste your time. If you are concerned about the species than you should make an effort to make sure there is a viable breading stock outside of russia. Human life means little to the russian psyche and animal life means even less. Having said that I still like russians. P.S. If you want a good view of the russian mentallity you should watch a you tube video of what they do when they catch Samoli pirates it says it all.

  21. That’s a very cute cat and I agree with others here,that the cat belongs to the nature,not in the house as a pet.Some people are really crazy and think just about theirselfs.


  23. Most of this kind of mechanical prime movers turn out for being versions of perpetual motion machines. Please look at out the physics.

  24. when i stumbled upon this i thought it was going to be filled with obvious info, but really it came out to be quite useful. good job!

  25. Looks very happy and healthy, as long as he is a pet they won’t all be gone. He’s a beautiful animal and I don’t think he’d be very easy to control if they were abusing him.

  26. wow.. this is .. i dont know what to say , i think the fishing cat is cute and very big but this is not too dangerous to keep in your house ?
    but if it’s really tamed to people so i hope u will be fine

  27. Awesome, The Russians should breed them and make them domesticated pets just like the did with the silver fox >>>

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