6 Russian People Who Changed the USA

1) Sergey Brin – Google


Sergey Brin, who was born August 21, 1973, in Moscow, became a co-founder of Google, Inc., the world’s largest Internet company, providing users with a technology of  search and a number of other important features in on-line world. In 2009 he was ranked as the 26th richest person in the world by Forbes. He immigrated to the United States in his childhood, when he was just 6, and when Sergey grew up, he began to study mathematics, following in his father’s and grandfather’s footsteps. First, Brin got a diploma of the University of Maryland, and then he became Ph.D in computer science at Stanford.


Right there he made friends with Larry Page, who became his soul- brother and main companion in developments. Together they created the strongest search engine ever on the basis of Brin’s data mining system. Soon afterwards in a local garage they founded Google, which motto is universally accessible and useful. If you don’t believe this information, then google it:)

2) Igor Sikorsky – Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation


Igor Sikorsky (25 May, 1889 – 26 October, 1972) is a Russian-American pioneer of aviation, who actually designed and the world’s first multi-engine fixed-wing aircraft. Without this man world probably would not get helicopter so soon, he is always called as first helicopter inventor.


In 1925 he founded Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation, which is one the main helicopter manufacturers.

3) Vladimir Nabokov – Lolita


Vladimir Nabokov (22 April, 1899 – 2 July, 1977) was the great Russian novelist. He emigrated from Russia to England (1919), then to Germany (1922), and then to the USA (1940), where he settled down in Manhattan. He never wrote in Russian after he came to the USA, though translated his works in English into Russian.


Nabokov’s Lolita (1955) is considered to be one of the most prominent novels in literature. How much influence this word caused on the human minds we all can only guess now. He also was interested in entomology and chess problems.

4) Vladimir Zworykin – television


Vladimir Zworykin(July 30, 1889 – July 29, 1982) is a Russian-American pioneer of television technology. That is he who created the father of modern TV-sets and TV network. Zworykin decided to emigrate from Russia during the Civil War, and so left for the USA in 1918. Soon, though, he came back and supported the White movement in Siberia, but with the death of Aleksandr Kolchak, who headed it in the region, Zworykin decided to move to the US for good. He played a very important role in the development of television from the early thirties.

5) Milla Jovovich – The Fifth Element


Milla Jovovich (December 17, 1975) an Ukrainian-born American model, actress, musician, and fashion designer. In 1981 she was at the age of five, her family left the Soviet Union for London as political refugees, and over some time they ended up in Los Angeles, California. She became a model at eleven and since that time has worked for Revlon, L’Oréal, Banana Republic, Christian Dior, Donna Karan and Versace. She also became a television and movie star and appeared in Return to the Blue Lagoon, The Fifth Element, and Resident Evil with its sequels.

6) Voronov brothers – Warner Brothers Entertainment


Wonsal (Voronov) brothers, who emigrated from the Russian Empire (from the part that is now Poland), founded American film company Warner Brothers Entertainment, which is now one of the largest producers of films all over the world, based in California.


Three elder brothers started working in the industry yet in 1903, and showed films to miners in Pennsylvania and Ohio. That year they also founded their first cinema Cascade. In 1904 the brothers set up Duquesne Amusement & Supply Company, which was a forerunner of Warner Bros.

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Anna Rudenko

82 thoughts on “6 Russian People Who Changed the USA”

    • OMG Russians cant achieve anything in Russia and they have to migrate to USA, the greatest and richest country on earth to pursue their dreams, aspirations and perspirations and be famous. No wonder most Russians are dying to move to USA 🙁

      • If you would have reed the post you would have noticed that a couple of those people were born in Russia. Stop take out your call center or 7-11 frustrations on this post.

      • are you dumb many things were invented by russians in russia as well, space industry, first man in space, nuclear power, periodic table, the first cpu, first colored photos and other engineering in cars, arms, ships and so on.

        The dude who made the television also invented all his stuff in russia not in america, he just moved later into america. Its only the google guy and Sikorsky all other are entertainment they really didnt invent anything.

    • Again we prove that Russian people are not stupit, but very smart. Smart enough to emigrate to US or UK, wherentheir talent is appreciated and rewarded. They can develop!!! Russia then and now is extremely restrictive and oposed to innovation.

    • Warner Brothers, Michel Thomas (foreign language teacher), and others from area of modern Poland. However, they were born in the Imperial Russia empire. They were born subjects of the Tzar. They can be call Russian because of the nation at time of birth. They refer to themselves as Polish, which is their right as the area is modern Poland. Both Russian and Polish reference are correct. It is simple fact. It is similar to how to refer to Stalin. Stalin is Georgian, but also Russian.

  1. I don’t think you (Russians) can take credit for Sergei Brin, he was indeed born in Russia, but his family was forced to emigrate when he was 6, he has lived his whole life in America, learned in America, make his fortune in America, so it’s a little pathetic to read how you are so proud of him for being Russian-born when Russia has give him nothing neither him has made anything for what he is famous in Russia.

    • First of all, nobody was forced to emigrate. It was a decision that his family made. Stop believing everything you read on Wikipedia.

      Second of all, he owes everything to his parents who are graduates of MGU (Moscow State University), which produced a great number of scientists including his parents. His parents are Russian-Jews and he was growing up with Russian traditions. I do agree that he has become more Americanized, but truth be told, he is Russian.

      So, shut your dumb pie hole and go Google something.

    • Admin’s pride in this post is embarrassing.

      Sergei Brin is a Jew, not a Russian.

      Same with the “Warner” brothers who came from Poland.

      While Poland was unfortunately part of the Russian empire in those days, someone coming from Poland then didn’t mean that they came from Russia. Just like when India was part of Britain it didn’t mean that Indians could claim they are British or that they come from Britain.

      ALSO, most of the successful people in Soviet Russia were Jews, not Russians. Probably because the vast majority of the highest ranking communists were Jews. It was their Jewish culture which propelled them to success.


      There is definitely a sophisticated part to Russian culture but judging from the MANY people I know from the former USSR ***AND FROM THE CONTENT OF ENGLISHRUSSIA.COM***, Russian culture is relatively primitive. It hurts me to say so but if it wasn’t true admin wouldn’t have a reason to have this site.

      Please spare us this Russian pride nonsense, and anyone who has read my posts for the last couple of years WILL ADMIT that I am a RUSSOPHILE, so no nonsense about racism or prejudice, it’s just that Russian culture is nowhere near as great as many Russians think it is.

      Russia owes the JEWS ***BIG TIME*** (for Communism too)

    • soviet union never has been great country. By definition country full of slaves cannot be great. If only word “great” applies that would be Great Prison Camp.

      • a country full of slaves eh? well by your definition america hasn’t and isn’t a great country. 🙂

        slaves power empires. empires can be great. not in the good sense, but they can suck up foreign natural resources and talent, like the usa did, and make great things. well the talent will make great things anyway 😛

  2. Brin – Moscow
    Sikorsky – Kiev
    Nabokov – St Petersburg
    Zworykin – Murom
    Jovovich – Kiev
    Wonsal – Krasnosielc

    So 50% of sucessful russians in USA aren’t born in Russia?

      • You can, no, you must learn history better if you want dispute and fewer listen to massmedia.
        “Ukranian” is not ethnic term but geographic as Bavarian and Saxon. Ancient Rus had a centre in Kiev then princes to divided their lands so states were formed.
        It is difficult for me to explain it in english.
        Read Lev Gumilev’s works if you want understand all.

        • What nonsense. Ukrainian cities like Lviv, Ivano-Frankivsk, Chernivtsi, Lviv, Ternopil, Uzhorod never had anything to do with Russia, the were never part of the Russian empire, except for a, in historical view short, period of time (1940 – 1989, when they were annexed by the Soviet Union. Western Galicia, now the western part of Ukraine, was never part of the Russian empire, except for that brief period after WWII. Each time they had the chance, Ukraine tried to become independent of Russia. The first time in 1918 – which failed, and the second time, succesfully, in 1991. Ukraine is not just a geographic term, as you claim, it is distinctly the term to describe a nation and a language as well, alanguage spoken by the vast majority of people in Western and Central Ukraine. It is pure Russian propaganda to state that Ukrainians, Russians and Belarussians all form oe nation, history and reality contradicts this.

          • Stop eat drugs dude.
            All what u say is western propaganda.
            Russia, Ukrain and Belorussia as countries started from Kievan Rus (Киевская Русь) – association of Slavic tribes with a centre in present Kiev. Through the centuries of wars between tribes these three countries were formed.
            Western part of Ukrain and western Belorussia several times were parts of Poland, Sweden because of the wars.
            You said Ukrain wasn’t in Rusiian Imperia, well do you know that even Poland, not Ukrain, was in it?

            Argue with me about this is foolishly. What do you know about Russia, Ukrain and Belorussia? Nothing. I know a lot. I’ve born here, I have realatives in each of these countries, have many friends there. All the population is fluent in Russian language.

            All what u know – ur propaganda. Watch nasty your news. They are totally lieing.

  3. Very interesting article. I am a teacher, this year my students are participating in National History Day. A nation wide competition held in the United States. The theme is innovation in history. I will share the information about people in this article with my students.

  4. Sergey Brin is jewish origin, Milla Jovovich is ukrainian and has very polish sounding name, Igor Sikorsky has also born in Ukraine and has true polish origin, Voronov are also polish – why you make no difference between polish, ukrainan, baltic and russian? Its quite disturbing!
    Best blood is blood of mixed nationalities 😉

    • At related times, all that places were parts of Russia. This reason is quite sufficient. And we tend to not worry about nationalities inside the country, because we know as a fact after centuries of experience, that nationalism is a sort of sexual disease. For any normal man or woman difference in nationality is not an obstacle re. friendship or love or sex or whatever. So why the hell should I differentiate somehow specially ukranians or jews or polish, esp. if they are all have very mixed origins?

  5. ha, the pioneer of modern tv.

    RCA travel records (his employer) show an interesting sojourn to a young american mormon’s home…

    contributor, but perhaps not a sensationalist pioneer.

  6. You can have #3 back, #5 and #6 aren’t Russian, and as for #4 he was a thief, stealing from Philo Farnsworth. So out of six there are actually only four Russians, one thief, so three remain, and none did their work in Russia.

    I’m having a hard time seeing the Russian influence.

  7. Jovovic is Serbian-Russian extract. however she is not the only russian actress who made it big in unHollywood. Natalie Wood probably was the the forerunner.

  8. why the hell do you people come on here just to bad mouth russia or america? i could be wrong but this site isn’t about proving who is better… isn’t it supposed to be just about interesting things that happen in russia… sometimes it’ll be something good and sometimes something not so good.

    …russia has accomplished many amazing feats, and so has america, and they both have their faults (like every other country in the world).

    watching of you people bicker and bad mouth each other is pretty weak, and it makes both countries look bad

  9. Tódor Kármán , a hungarian engineer has already made a machine like helicopter in 1917, called PKZ, for more information about it, see this: http://www.aviastar.org/helicopters_eng/petroczy.php

  10. America was a great place when it was free country for white Europeans to immigrate.

    Now that IT IS a black country, it will only face doom. In 50 years time America wil be nothing.

  11. lol the warner brothers are polish, not russian. The only difference of a Pole and Russian are Russians have an IQ over 50. 🙂

  12. Article is laughing stock. Jews are not seen as Russians in Russia unless they do something important, then all of sudden they are RUSSIANS. Russia is xenophoob, surreel country. Sometimes I am ashamed to live there.

  13. A Russian co founded google and yet every Russian keyboard has large english letters and small russian letters on it!

    The english language will always dominate the world!

    • I saw cell phones in Russia with the Russian alphabet on them.The home phones only have english letters on them.

      There are many countries that have products with their own language on them!

  14. warner brothers dosen’t come from russia the was a polish jews imigrants

    Milla Jovovich was born i Ukraina not in russia whatever she is Serbian !

  15. That is probably because this contribution was about Rssuians in the USA, and Prigogine lived and worked in Belgium, has the Belgian nationality, and even is a member of the Belgian nobility with the title of “burggraaf” or viscount.

    • Prigogine was an emigré and left the Soviet Union when he was four years old. He received Belgian citizenship when he was 32 years old, and got his noble title as a reward for his exceptional career – which is customary in Belgium. I still wonder why you want to claim someone who is obviously not American as American just because he was for some years teaching in Texas as well as in Brussels at the same time. In that case, you will have to adopt Jacques Chirac as American as well, because he studied in the USA.

  16. Not to mention the hysterical Russians who obviously shared the same education as the mentioned Rednecks and who are so paranoia they think world history is nothing but the story how the whole world – including the Australian Aboriginals, the inhabitants of Patagonia and the Pygmees and Hottentots are – just wants to destroy the Great Russian Motherland – which was during its whole history so poor and undefended and constantly under attalc that it became the largest country on earth.

    • nno they arent they were born in russia and hace russian blood also ukrainian is fake identity

  17. There are many more unknown Russians inventions. The first airplane flew in Russia, before the Wright brothers flew theirs, the first locomotive was built in Russia. Russians jsut don’t have to take credit for it. It doesn’t matter what people think someone can do, it matters what someone actually can do.

    Like the stealth bomber, built on Russian theory. All tanks are built on principe of t-34, all mobile artillery are built on principe of Katyusha. My father was one of the first people on earth who got his eyes lasered in 1988, instead of wearing glasses.

    Some people think Russians can’t do anyhting and are weak. few of those peoples were Napolean and Hitler, who were actually very smart people.

    Why is Russia biggest land in the world? And Russia has made more billionares in 19 years as a capitalist state than many country’s who are capitalists for more than a century? How could Russian empire in 1920 be an everage power and by 1940 a superpower? In 1998 a 3rd world country and by 2009 one of the powerfulest nations on earth?

    Great example (just came in to my head) is Fedor Emelianenko, look how he enters the ring, while all the others go screaming and shouting as they enter the rins, he just calmly enters the ring and leaves as a winner, every single time.

    Letting people think that Russia is weak, just proves how smart they are.

  18. Stalin made the USSR a superpower in a short time when he arrested thousands of innocent Russians on bogus charges and forced them to dig canals to connect Moscows lakes and thousands of Russians died!

    Moscow has the most Billionairs because all corporate headcorders must be in Moscow and not spread throughout the country!

  19. The post reflects Russia in its entirety.

    Russia could truly be a super power if it harnessed the intellect and might of its people. Sadly, it has always gone for the quick and dirty solution. It never supports and harnesses the talent within, instead it rapes and pillages both its people and resources. Eventually the talent leaves to prosper elsewhere, not to be dogged by corruption, and sabotaged by the administration and institutions that should support them.

  20. This is simply the worst list I’ve ever seen. It’s not even fit for jokes.

    To imply that Google changed the world when compared to numerous breakthrough’s by Russians (and the rest of humanity) is the definition of daft. It is like people starting to like Japan because they like anime, or liking Germany because they like their BMW m3. Google equivalent would be “invented”. It is like saying Facebook is a grand revelation? The truth is first there was yahoo, then excite, then altavista – which google copied. Maybe DJ Tiesto is the greatest living composer, because he takes ready made songs and changes them around a bit with an easy-to-use computer program?

    GET AN EDUCATION, THINK. IT’S NOT ILLEGAL. end the ignorance

  21. Hehe, you made me really laugh. These “Russians” who changed America are actually Jews (Brin, Warner bros), Polish (Sikorski) and Serbian born in Ukraine (Jovovich). The Russian chauvinism is really endless.

  22. Ayn Rand was Jewish.
    To disregard the bigotry and death visited upon Jews in The Russian Empire countries is idiocy and only continues the vicious history of those countries. To try to twist Russian history into something to be proud of is ridiculous. My great-grandmother, grandmother, and my great-aunts fled the Ukraine and came to USA in 1870’s. So I listened for many years to the telling, first hand, of the treatment of Jews in that era. Like the Nazis and the Spanish/Portuguese, and so many other countries who killed and ran off their Jewish creme d’creme of society, the USSR committed a form of suicide through their bigotry and violence. The vast majority of any contribution to society by USSR and East European nations has been by Jews, even though they were a tiny minority of the population and had to endure all sorts of limitations. I agree it is difficult to say whether this is because those Jews were so exceptional or that the majority was so limited in capabilities. That can be argued. But it is silly to argue that Russians have made much of a positive impact on the world. You can’t deny a people as rightful citizens and then turn around and claim their accomplishments. Your bigotry only shows that much more.

  23. As for accomplishments, they have obviously been made by those who left USSR and were given a chance in freedom to realize their ideas and abilities. Whether in the USA or other nations whose culture and form of government believe in the individual.

    For one to be adamant in their ignorance is only to compound their error.

  24. dudes
    Sikorsky was Pole ( http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Igor_Sikorsky)
    Warner Brothers was from Poland
    This type of representatives of those times. fate turned out, so that at some point has been determined as their nationality and not otherwise. not everyone who is / was in Russia is Russian.
    check the names of emigrants from the breakthroughs of the century. many of them came from what was then Russia. but the towns and names are not Russian: Kowalski from Lviv, Sikorski of Kiev, Kowalczyk from Rzeszow. wyganiała poverty of these people overseas. especially from Galicia, which was inhabited by Poles and Ukrainians. Russians, there was very few.

  25. Ha-ha-ha!-when people need to say smth. bad about Russia they will say anything to prove that although Stalin was a Georgian, but he was ofcource a Russian,- but Sikorsky who stuidied and worked in St.Petersburg, but was born in Kiev would be called only and only Ukraininan – ROFL !!!!

  26. it’s only for you few have a difficult “russians” or “ukrainians” not for most of russians or ukrainians. Learn about the Kievan Rus!

  27. All of these people are trully REAL russians! they were born in Russia which means that they are RUSSIANS. Their blood is russian!

  28. Miss India is a KNOWN TROLL. Ignore ALL POSTS from “her”. She’s trying to start trouble, so every time someone gets upset at her posts, SHE WINS!. DON’T MAKE HER HAPPY!

  29. My grandmother and her family (Jewish) left Ukraine in the late 1890’s – early 1900’s. Her youngest sister spoke Russian the best, so even though she was only perhaps 7-8, she went to the city to get permission for them to leave. I’d always thought they lived in Russia and didn’t find out until a few years before my mother died that they’d lived in Ukraine. The only other thing I was ever told was that their village was wiped off the map in the war; not sure if it was in WWI or WWII. Either way, I’m almost positive I have no family left there, but I wouldn’t know how to even begin to look as I don’t know anything else and there’s no one left to ask. It’s sad not knowing anything about your family when you’re all alone.


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