The Expired Tanks

Russian tanks

We all get used to those small “best before” or “expiry” labels stamped on the items from the grocery stores, but it looks like some much bigger in size things like tanks can have an expiration date too.

Here’s what the Russian blogger, ex soldier writes: “Last summer I visited the army camp as a soldier, in the tanks unit. And that’s what we’ve done there. Every soldier was given a crowbar, hammers, set of wrenches and unlimited free time to crush all you can crush with all those tools. Dashboards, electronic fillings, plastic fittings etc. can be easily first crashed, then the next step is more challenging – with wrenches you need to loose all screws you can reach.”

Russian tanks 2

All the tanks are new, just from the warehouse. The only reason why they should be destroyed is their expiration date. They come to this tank slaughter house by their own, not towed or dragged just to become a pile of scrap metal days later.

Russian tanks 3

Russian tanks 4

Russian tanks 5

With the crane they tear away the turrets, on the background you can see rows of the tanks prepared to go next.

Russian tanks 6

Tank without a turret, as seen from above.

Russian tanks 7

This one is almost finnished.

Russian tanks 8

Russian tanks 9

Russian tanks 10

Russian tanks 11

Russian tanks 12

So, the importance of expiration date can be really underestimated when paying not much attention to it. Even tanks are subject to it.

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  1. Russian business is much better than American one, when for example they had to dump M60 tanks.

    Each unit had to bring thier tanks to full operating conditions, so any machine that was missing anything has to be equiped with it before going to sea bottom.

    So new engines, night vision systems, fire controls, guns all new, were installed and dumped after that by American in the sea.

    So which business is better?

    • pretty amazing that there are no references anywhere to more than 2 M60 tanks being put into the ocean

      but don’t let that impede your anti-american propaganda efforts

    • On the contrary. Anything dumped into the sea for use as a reef has to be stripped of anything considered hazardous or a pollutant. The preparation of the USS Oriskany is a well documented example.

  2. Be sure, that maybe only 0,5% of all expired tanks are crushed like this, the rest is sold through many intermidiaries to some dictators.

    • Totally erroned myth. 95% minimum of tank deals are undisclosed and avaible on multiple sources.

      In USA and russia, (biggest builder of war toys), most of old things are scrapped, melted and re-used. Do you think they poo steel ? no, they recycle it, from old tanks to make new ones, from old ships to make new ones etc…

      And in this particular case, this is a part of the T-64 russia don’t use anymore, a tank never exported and only used by ukraine nowadays. You won’t see them in any dictator hands.

  3. Very good idea to confuse the enemy.

    This could also be used in the car industry. Cars are built in the factory and then shiped by train (eco friendly) to the dismantling factory where the parts are packed and shipped by train back to the first build factory.

  4. Poor soldiers these tanks will be the only thing they get trained with, their role will be very important on the battlefield as they charge at enemy tanks with some crowbar, hammers and wrenches with the intention of trying to take them apart.

  5. Can someone explain, WHY and what “expires” in those tanks?

    Is there some kind of agreement to destroy those tanks or
    what? Selling to dictatorships is not good, but why not disassembe them and sell as parts? Certainly lot of parts (engines, etc) can be used peacfully, and be useful to russian economy?

  6. These are T-64s, about 11000 were build during the 60s-70s. Never exported by the USSR, the only combats that they were was in Moldova in 1992 and the Chechen Wars. They are way more advanced than the T-72s, in fact, the T-72 was developed because these were too expensive.

    • Not new tanks, 20-30 years old tanks for the youngers. T-64 had its glory time, it’s now outdated and never evolved in russia, T72 and T80 proved more evolvable and durable. However in ukraine, the T-64 is active and some of them are modernised to a nice standard, T64BM.

  7. Actually, they’re not new tanks at all but old T-64B produced up until T-80 appeared, although they were sophisticated tanks when they first appeared, they have been in service for more than 35-40 years and are outdated, not expired! As for cost considerations, keeping them in service with trained personals is very expensive; tanks are real fuel gobblers, up to 4 litres a kilometre, not an average car. Destroying them might have been the most cost efficient method of disposal, especially with soldiers.

  8. Yes, donate them to Hezbolah. Or better yet, to the American militias, for use in the very soon coming 2nd American civil war against the Feds.

  9. Also agree these could have been sold to collectors, etc. Heck, the Russian military could make additional money by selling parts and repair assistance, through manuals or maybe online.

    • No, hull is too different, T72(so T90) and T80 have a much larger hull and potential for improvement, as they proved into T-90A and T-84.

      However one could make a new turret to upgrade the T64, but its hull would not be changed. Ukraine “modern” MBT T-64BM is basically what you meant, they took T-64B, changed all inside (engine, sights, comm etc…), put modern reactive armour (“knife”), and a fresh painting job. But this tank remains substandard compared to a T-90, not talking about a T-84, T-64 was good but now it is a tank from the past.

      Of course ukraine did a nice job, with a low budget they could never affoard a full fleet of T-84, but they can’t even affoard a full fleet of T-64BM, less than a few dozen were modernized

  10. You actually can’t sell some of the older types. Not the t 55s at least. Even if you try to modernize it, it still does not have compound armor, nor does it have dynamic defense as a standard. Most modern day RPGs can destroy them. Who would want to buy a worthless tractor with a bunch of extra steel welded on, if it gets destroyed within 5 minutes? Of course, it CAN be used to chase the cannibalistic tribes away, but who knows, what if they have RPGs or anti tank guided missles? Those things are almost as common as chinese-made ak 47s nowadays.

    If any tanks (of the old kind) still have any export potential, then it would be the t 62 with the smallest (still monolithic armor), t 64 (expensive to maintain, more like an expensive toy than a real tank) t 72 (which alot of countries have (mostly the oldest variants), and to some degree the t 80. BTW, this IS capitalism, and why just give it to the african nations?

  11. i suspect the description ins confusing. “All the tanks are new, just from the warehouse.” does not mean they were just produced, look how rusty-dusty they are. Might be a facility in Ukraine where they build APCs out of old t64

    • This is in Russia, russian camouflage uniform on men. This is a scrapyard in russia where they scrap T-64, russia had more than 8000 left when USSR ended (ukraine got the 2000+ left). The tank being a karkhiv design, russia used them until they had no spare pieces etc… Russia has enough T-72 and T-80 for its army.

  12. It’s not Russian taxpayer money, but soviet union

    Russia has 20 thousand outdated tanks that need to be demolished, melted and reforged into modern tanks like the T90 and T95

    Old tanks are useless except for selling or reforging

  13. I am 100% sure that “utilizing” these T-64 tanks is nothing but HIGH TREASON.

    Someone definitely got a good bank account, courtesy of State Dept.

  14. I dont understand the fact the tanks were all new. If this are the old models of battle tanks used in soviet army why did they not use them? Does it mean the tanks were not used in any war? But isnt this natural in army where tousands of tanks are in the arsenal?

  15. I came across this site totally by accident when I was searching for something else totally unrelated. They say the best things in life are accidents though and this site is no different. Please keep up the great work as I plan to look for your website routinely.

    • Totally rubbish comment, the T-64BV (which most tanks are here) is totally imune to RPG-7 on frontal arc. Learn first please


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