Deer Horns Farm

Russian deers

And now again Russian far East. In that region of Russia the demand for deers horn is high due to a big belief of Chinese and other Eastern traditional medicines on the great powers one can get eating the drugs prepared with some amount of deer horn added. Naturally deers have to drop the horn rack by themselves thru some periods of times, or seasonly, but farm owners are not intended to wait for this so they use old good saws to get some horn. The way to do it looks very cruel, and if you love animals you probably better not enter, but as people tell the animals don’t suffer much because there are no nerves inside the horn – only in outer skin, so they say it’s not more than a deep scratch feeling.

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Parking Wars

And yet again, now BMW SUV driver has parked his car right on the path of the trams. Tram’s passenger got very disturbed and surrounded the car in question, then when the driver came attacked him, but looks like the BMW driver was in better physical form than the attacking disturbed passengers and easily defeated them.

But bit later someone on the same car still got revenged for the wrong parking habit.

Moscow parking

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Art on the Plant

russian plant

This is the biggest Ural plant “URALMASH”, in order to build it they destroyed thousand of square miles of virgin thousand years old aged forests 60 years ago. It was working thru all the Soviet era and then during the capitalistic phase of modern Russian economy too, but now because of the world’s crisis it has been stopped. Now the rooms of the plant stand still and some artist has completed the nature paintings on the lockers around the plant so that it looks even more creepy now.

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