Plane in the House

Plane in the house

Sometimes they use the parts of planes in designs of houses etc, but mainly those are detached villas or some sort of bars or cafes like this one Russian plane bar.

Those Russian house owners went even further and attached for some reason a Russian TU jet body to the second floor of the multi stored building.

If that’s an appartment, then just imagine how jealous are the neighbours are now.

Plane in the house 2

Plane in the house 3

Plane in the house 4

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  1. Ahh, so it’s an Illushyn, not a Tupolev (yes, I know the spelling if probably off). I also wonder if that building is abandoned as it seems to be in quite a state of disrepair. Still, it is a unique way of adding on to the building. I wonder what they used it for?

  2. Are small houses expensive in russia, to buy or rent? In cities outside moscow and petersberg? And is it cheaper to just buy land and have a house build on it?

    Thanks to anyone who can answer.

  3. Yeh, I’d be REALLY jealous if my neighbour stuck a plane on the side of his house. Until I phoned the council that is.

  4. Why does everything in Russia look so depressing and abandoned? During all my travels through Russia everything always looked old abandoned and just left to decay.

    • Indeed, Russian and Ukrainian building look way worse than buildings in other communist countries.
      Like nobody gives a damn about looks.

      In the GDR the flat buildings are way better looking, even if the design is Russian! Deutsche Grundlichkeit vs. Russian careless/selphishness?

  5. it looks to me that this is no an apartment block – for one, the ground floor windows are bricked up. Also it looks like its in the promzon/industrial area of town.

    I think this was a former training school for future pilots of the Il-18 or something similar. Another take on flightsim maybe?

    I could imagine something similar existing in a UK air cadet or US civil air patrol base.


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