The Biker Secret and Cayenne Coupe

Russian cars

Today there is another part of some curiosities that regulary can be met on roads of Russia.

This guy from Moscow paints his car differently each season. When he is asked how road police treats him for such car decoration his says “They first smile, then ask to pass drug test”.

Russian cars 2

Russian cars 3

Russian cars 4

Russian cars 5

The next guy has been regulary met on Moscow streets. His bike has one extra that either was probably asked to be installed by his girlfriend.

Russian cars 6

Russian cars 7

Russian cars 8

Russian cars 9

Russian cars 10

Russian cars 11

And here is another Russian biker. He looks furious and tries to revenge to his fellow driver:

And here are some photos from another Russian car tuning project. Now they took Porsche Cayenne and decided to make a big coupe SUV from it:

Russian cars 12

Russian cars 13

Russian cars 14

Russian cars 15

Looks like some parts of it would be out of wood.

Russian cars 16

And it’s yet not clear what would be the final look of the car.

Next is a lucky guy who hit the fencing and went straight to the river, but managed to get out of his car later:

Russian cars 17

Russian cars 18

Russian cars 19

Russian cars 20

Russian cars 21

Those next shots are about the gas lid mod. This guy has hid the lid of his car under its backlights so it is totally unaccessible from outside untill the special button is pressed and the backlights panel gracefully slides away opening the way for one willing put some gas inside.

“Why does he need this?”, one can ask but the answer is pretty simple. Besides it’s looking cool it also can protect him from problems caused by night fuel hunters, armed with a oilcan and a hose wander around the neighbourhood trying to pour out some fuel from the cars.

Russian cars 22

Russian cars 23

Russian cars 24

Russian cars 25

Russian cars 26

Russian cars 27

And now next one is about guys from Ukraine, who, according to their words “got so tired of constant bribery from road police” decided to up end one of the road police cars together with the policemen sitting inside.

Russian cars 28

Russian cars 29

They managed to do this.

Russian cars 30

Russian cars 31

Russian cars 32

Russian cars 33

Then two more police cars came to support the first ones.

Russian cars 34

But the furious drivers came again into play and continued rolling the car as it was a mere toy car.

Russian cars 35

Russian cars 36

Then as the night came officers tried to evacuate their car because it became too hot as the crowd gathered.

Russian cars 37

Russian cars 38

And that’s it for today!

18 thoughts on “The Biker Secret and Cayenne Coupe”

  1. The guy in the first photo of rolling the police car…the one on the far left with his hand on the front bumper…is that a man’s torso on a child’s legs?

  2. There was a state highway policeman who annoyed semi truck drivers once too often in Ohio.

    One day, he was behind a semi, another behind him, and a third in the lane beside him.

    Front truck slammed on the brakes, back truck didn’t, cruiser became lump of metal with flat cop inside.

    No one has any idea what happened .

  3. He is not mad. He is showing you where his woman sits. See! He left her a little toy to amuse herself while he is going down the road. LOL


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