The Pipe Makers

Russian pipe factory

Today we have shots from the pipe factory in Russia, it’s always fun to see how the stuff is being made.

The story of each pipe begins with a steel tape roll.

Russian pipe factory 2

In the beginning of the pipe making machine the tape loads in.

Russian pipe factory 3

Then special frames fold the tape. Those frames can be tuned for different pipe size.

Russian pipe factory 4

This crunced piece of metal goes thru another machine where it is being heated. Thanks to heat the seam is being closed.

Russian pipe factory 5

The next stage is to cover the pipe with plastics. Those are plastic covered metal pipes. Granulated plastic is being put into two tanks, later they are being mixed up together and molten.

Russian pipe factory 6

Those are the barrels with different sorts of plastics.

Russian pipe factory 7

Granulated plastics looks like rice.

Russian pipe factory 8

That’s a vaccum pump which sucks all those puppies from the barrels.

Russian pipe factory 9

Then all of them go to a machine which molt them and use the outcoming substance to cover the pipes.

Russian pipe factory 10

If something goes wrong it can get some fine tuning right in place, without stopping the process.

Russian pipe factory 11

Also, some setups can be made in more delicate way.

Russian pipe factory 12

Then the plastic covered pipe is being put in special closed water tank for some cooling. Afterwards it goes to a printer which puts the necessary markings on it.

Russian pipe factory 13

Now the pipe is being put into the actual pipe rolls.

Russian pipe factory 14

Workers control the rolling process to go right.

Russian pipe factory 15

So that the ready made product looked neat.

Russian pipe factory 16

Russian pipe factory 17

And that’s a control panel.

Russian pipe factory 18

Here’s big panoramic image of the factory, you can click for a larger size version.

Via: Skyfi

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  1. Before I retired from a HVAC company I worked as a maint. tech on a similar machine, ours did not coat the pipe with plastis, ours was cut into 6ft. lingths and bent into an (s) shape and ganged into heater units that were put in gas furnises that were installed in homes.

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