Party in Iran

Russian guy in Iran

After the latest events in Iran, their elections and all this hype with their nuclear program one Russian blogger decided to go there to check how the things are on place. Iranians always were of positive opinion of Russia and Russians so the trips there are not considered dangerous or unwanted for Russian people.

He spent some time there and told later in his blog that what he has seen there is a society of dual standards. From one side there is a dictatorship of Islamic revolution guards who prohibit many of the Western fun activities, such as drinking or public Western parties etc, like ladies can’t go outside without hijab or in short skirt, alcohol is forbidden, you can be executed for being gay, also there is an Internet censorship going on, so he couldn’t update his blog while being there.

But all this things are just a format state of society. When the doors closed people change their cloths to Western and make big parties with lots of drinks, women, satellite TV. Tech genius sell and install the internet un-blocking devices that can get around the censorship means and let you surf freely.

Russian guy in Iran 6

He has made some shots on one of such parties. You could never thinkg those shots were made in Iran, it looks like just common party of the West.

Russian guy in Iran 2

Russian guy in Iran 3

Russian guy in Iran 4

Russian guy in Iran 5

He told that those are the people who went on streets after the elections took places.

Russian guy in Iran 6

Russian guy in Iran 7

Russian guy in Iran 8

Russian guy in Iran 9

The granny, old house owner says that she is missing the old times too and likes the parties.

Russian guy in Iran 10

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  1. Except that now the Irani thought police now have the photos pf perpetrators and can have them identified and properly punished.
    Now they will be examples for the rest of those subversives.

    You, Russians, should have known better.

    Greeting from the 5th largest country in the world.

    • Guess after this you russians won’t be as welcome anymore, you people have no responsability or conscience whatsoever.

      Might as well have sent the pictures straight to the aiatolahs’ thugs with their names and addresses 😛

  2. Come on guys, at least blur the faces with a few filters! That’s ridiculous, you’re exposing these peoople and endanger their lifes!

  3. agreed w/ joe, maybe they could get some face-control at the door to decide who can take her burkha off …
    also, who’s the bearded twerp in the orange hawaiian shirt and glasses? do i smell an expat? he looks like an acquaintance of mine who went off to grow organic berries in Vermont …

  4. Whua, after seeing that I might wear a hijab.

    They should have blurred the faces, now these women are in Iran’s most wanted.

  5. This sort of behavior is common in all totalitarian states. It is also called “doublethink”.
    And yes, I think it is quite nasty to expose the faces unless the photographer was allowed to do so by the participating people.

  6. haha, no one is going to do anything to them, just because CNN/BBC tells you that over 5 billion people die daily in Iran because of Ahmadinejad, doesn’t mean it’s true.

  7. Covering their eyes are not enough. They are still recognizable by the Sharia police. They are completely innocent and their lives are still in danger. Please either blur their faces or take down this post before it falls into the hands of the Iranian goons. This is a very serious matter!

      • Probably because they thought that their photos would just be shown to family and friends in far-away Russia, not posted on the goddamn internet right as the government is committing its worst right-wing crackdown since the 1979 revolution, and ESPECIALLY not with “these are the people who went on streets after the elections took place” written below.

  8. I guess no one noticed average people in USA look about the same, maybe worse. At least these Iranians don’t have tatoos and appear somewhat healthy and normal. Americans are MUCH fatter than Iranians. Folks, the true totalitarian/terrorist regime is USA. Stop watching TV and start thinking for yourselves

  9. Please remove this pictures, or cover up all the faces 100% immediately, your negligence is placing this people in a lot of danger

  10. I’m surprised the camera survived, I though it would have broke on the first click.

    I’m curious to see if we don’t blur, the police are corrupt their so a bribe won’t hurt.

  11. Wow there’s a lot of trolls posting here. Thanks for the pictures, I had heard about this kind of thing before, and it’s pretty neat how they live this double life.

    Are any of the posters here actually from Iran? If you are, could you offer an example of someone getting punished for having their picture posted from a party? Jeez you think their police just surfs the net looking for pictures lol? They’ve got riots to worry about.

  12. تف به شرفت که توی ایران اومدی … این گو خوریو .. عکسشو گذاشتیو .. هر چی دوست داشتی برداشت کردی … تف توی اون صورتت .. آشغال

  13. کونی
    همین روزها می ام مادر و خواهرتو یه جا میکنم بعد عکسشو همینجا لینک میدم

  14. Hey Chaz! I’m from Iran and I tell you that yes, our police surfs the net and will punish everyone who did anything that the terrorist government doesn’t like! There is a military group in Iran called Basij and they are about 8 millions! They have enough power and persons to do anything even surfing the net and find people! We hate them, we hate our regime and we wish better days for Iran without any fcuking mullahs!

  15. ای بدبختهای خارجی پرست!!؟
    افسوس و صد افسوس برای ناموس ایرانی!!!!؟

  16. That is nothing new with these brown people, they have been having these clandestine parties for decades!!

    Iran was much more hedonistic in the days of the Shah, where you would find a lot of white people from abroad mingling with the brown persian/iranian locals.

    As you can see, all of the women in the photos have dyed/bleached hair and most have rhinoplasties done.

    Their noses look so surgically reduced/altered that one has no idea how the person truly looked like before……they all want to have white/european noses and hair.

    Good for them to enjoy their lives and party etc., and it is no big risk for them………..this is an accepted underground aspect of life in Iran.

  17. کسته ننیه هر کی که ناراحت
    مرگ بر دیکتاتور مرگ بر احمدی نزاد حیوان میمون پدرسگ

  18. Hi,I am a girl from Iran.too but
    I must say u, Tehran is sth like that shown in those pictures,not others cities.
    Some people of tehran think western dressing has respect for them but they don`t know;They lose their chastity and personality.
    we love islamic dresses and hijab and proud them.

  19. این همه پسر تو ایران از همه مدل و همه رنگ اما دخترای کم عقل ایرانی چون همیشه بد پسند و پول دوستن میرن سراغ خارجیا در صورتیکه دخترای خارجی برای پسرای ایرانی میمیرن اما کمتر مورد توجه پسرای ایرانی قرار میگیرن.واقعا که.

  20. این دخترا به احتمال زیاد رگ و ریششون روسی بوده
    البته مهم اینه که امدی ایران دیدی ازادی هست
    ایرانی های عزیزاینقدر خودتونو ناراحت نکنین اینا اصلا نمیدونن مادر وخواهر چی هست!

  21. اینا دختر ها اتفاقا هیچکدوم خط فکریشون با احمدی نژاد یکی نیست و قطعا جزو مخالفای اون و جمهوری اسلامی هستند و می بیندید که با مردان روسی چقدر حال می کنن!!!

  22. Iam from iran .i live in iran.
    hey chaz! you are very very dense and brutish.this idea that you have is used for people like you.are you understand…?

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