Exhaust Pipe Smoking

People struggle with smoking worldwide. Sometimes they use as argument to ban public smoking is that if not children see and getting a bad behaviroal example from the smoker. Well, and what about the dogs? Seems that in Russia dogs are smarter than average dogs elsewhere. Remember the tube travelling dogs of Moscow? Now another strange habbit is being seen across Russia. Dogs try to imitate smoking, but still they are dogs so they don’t understand that not all that has smoke can be smoked, so sometimes they smoke… exhaust pipes, as you can see on this footage.

Of course it’s deadly bad for them, but once tried the dog can’t stop getting back to this habbit because it feels high.

20 thoughts on “Exhaust Pipe Smoking”

  1. English Russia I am appalled at your web site today. You should filter this kind of behavier from being posted on ER. I’ll bet you wouldn’t attempt to post child pornography or video of child labor camps on this web site would you? Not that I am in search of these things but animal cruelty should be on you list of topics not to post. This will up set most of your dedicated and loyal viewers. SHAME ON YOU ER!!!

  2. I cannot believe why humans would watch a dog do that without trying to stop it. Bad people watch the dog and laugh. Pretty sad.

  3. I’ve followed ER for a long time but have never taken the time to write a comment. I agree with so many of the readers that this was an awful and inappropriate posting. The fact that you can hear laughing on the soundtrack — and the mere fact that it was filmed (and perhaps even staged???) — constitutes animal abuse. To echo 4estgraham: SHAME ON YOU!!!

  4. haha, funny video!
    abuse animal? Funny Americans! Dog abuses himself! Why stop it??
    Are too many owner-less dogs already in city! Good if they solve problems themselves.

  5. OMG, that’s FUNNY! Dummy dog getting buzzed on the exhaust. Don’t take it down ER, and never mind the big crybabies whining from their high chairs. Likely USA left wing wackos that refuse to see reality. Fuggum.

  6. ‘I have used up my smoking-time, I have had my time and it was fun and I was cool but now its over, this smoking lark is a young persons game’.

  7. Poor dog. I won’t let my dog do that in anyways possible. It will ruin my dog’s health and even my car’s exhaust.

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