12 thoughts on “Snowy Summer”

  1. wunderground.com suggests that it’s around 15°C now in Bratsk and forecast for this week indicates up to 23°C.

  2. Is this only me? but my antivirus software blocking many connections to malicious sites while browsing englishrussia.com.
    Did anyone had any malware downloaded or is false positive messages from my avast?

    • Well I also have avast and it says nothing. Neither does zone alarm. Maybe you have some extension that dislikes ads or something.

  3. Weather for Russian Federation, Bratsk
    Current: Light rain
    Wind: SW at 4 km/h
    Humidity: 96%Sun

    16°C | 7°CMon

    16°C | 8°CTue

    13°C | 8°CWed

    21°C | 10°C


  4. We get that some times too, here in Alberta, Canada. We have a saying – If you don’t like the weather, wait 5 minutes, and it’ll change!

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