Akkani: Wild People – photos by Konstantin Lemeshev

Russian walrus hunt on Chukotka

Akkani is an old settling located in the coastal area of Chukotka, Russian far northeast. Like hudreds years ago, walrus hunting is a traditional pasttime of native people. Nowadays, families of locals come to this place every weekend to enjoy this sort of sport.

Russian walrus hunt on Chukotka 2

Russian walrus hunt on Chukotka 3

Russian walrus hunt on Chukotka 4

Russian walrus hunt on Chukotka 5

Russian walrus hunt on Chukotka 6

Photos by Konstantin Lemeshev/Photopolygon.com

25 thoughts on “Akkani: Wild People – photos by Konstantin Lemeshev”

  1. What a sick bunch of wild gooks! Why can’t they get a education and move to citys to get real jobs instead of kill harmless, cute walrusses?

  2. Well, thats how the human race has been surviving since thousands of years: Hunting n stuff. Hence, i wont call it cruel.

    the question to be asked: Nowadays, is it necessary to kill those big teethed monsters?

  3. dear blog owner
    you must not use adjective wild to describe people. It’s just their culture that others can’t judge unless they exceed some humanity limits, and they don’t seem to do so in these photos. in a point of view similar to yours lots of russian people are also wild compared to people in western countries. it’s crystal clear. just your rudeness.. try finding yourself a family and let them teach you everything about humanity from the start and I wish you really grow up this time.

    • To Rude, clearly the blog owner is not a native speaker of English. By using the same standards of political correctness which you have outlined above, you might be guilty of making some obtuse assumptions of your own. While I agree that ‘wild’ is not a polite term to describe people, perhaps the blog owner’s vocabulary lacks a more appropriate adjective. And for this he should not be faulted.

  4. Maraudon-
    I guess you nebver have fish or steak or a hamburger or whatever else is normal in your country??? If you do, then you are a hypocrite.

    Animals are made into food. Just because you buy it all sanitized and wrapped in plastic doesn’t make it less of a cow or a fish. Cripes, you sound like a California USA tree hugger.

    Get real.

    eta moya dva rubles

  5. civilization doesn’t mean always civilization… still there are cave dwellers anywhere… seals and dogs beated to death to make caps and manteaus… boiled live dogs in China to make the dish of the day… like cats in Peru and horses in Switzerland…

  6. That is extremely cruel indeed. I am sorry for those who think differently. Reasons:

    1st) The human population has increased abnormally in last centuries and the wild life (natural resources, etc) cannot keep up regenerating pace to support human destruction demands.
    2nd) Motor boats are being used – so the hunt is really not “fair” with the animals.
    3rd) There is no need to kill wild animals for food.
    Those are just my point of views…

  7. Hunting walruses is actually quite dangerous, they are not harmless, before motorboats they often killed the hunting tchuk’chis, who usually used kyaks, it was a winter event.
    I don’t eat meat at this point in my life but I have in the past, I’ve killed and eaten my own food, anyone who eats meat but thinks killing animals is wrong has no argument. The Tchuk’chis eat the meat and use every part of the walrus, it’s not just sport.

  8. This is a good post, I was wondering if I could use this article on my website, I will link it back to your website though. If this is a problem please let me know and I will take it down right away.

  9. to all the sissy who called this cruelty,then go be a vegetarian instead, u still eat burgers and all the meats, ever wonder how burger came to be? in some parts where cows or chicken is impossible to bred, these people will probably said the same thing when they saw a regular slaughterhouse. oh wait eating veggies is cruelty too, plants is living things too. OMG lets starve to death

  10. Who the hell are we to judge there way of life? Sure it’s cruel in the eyes of many civilized folks but this is the way the human race has been like ever since the stone age whether we like it or not.

  11. some people leve on baby cow’s baby pig’s baby chiken!
    some peple leve on free animals,it is great that we stille can hunt and eat free animals.great pictures great people.


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